10 Times When Reporters Went Too Far To Get A Story


reporters went too far

Reporters and Media have some sort of freedom in order to construct a story. However, you have to agree on the fact that reporters are really damn good and passionate about their work so that sometimes reporters went too far to get a story. Sometimes it pays good and sometimes they have to bear backlashes.

Still, they love to do what they do, because it brings traffic to their channel. Here, we bring you the tale of such reporters who went too far to get a story on their channel.

10. Pic comparison of Disha Patani (old and young)

reporters went too far

9. Tessa Mayes report on the drug cartels operation

8. Dipika Padukone’s Cleavage show!

7. Isaac Mizrahi grabbed Scarlett Johansson’s breasts.

6. Carmelo Abbate went on gay Vatican priests. 

5. Reporter asked Halle Berry’s 5 years old daughter on her opinion about might not meeting her father again.

4. James Schefter rushes with the news of Ted Freeman death into his house. 

3. Anna Erelle romanced an ISIS commander 

2. Frank Smith faked insanity to cover the Kankakee mental asylum.

1. Eric Ford wiretapped Tom Cruise – Nicole Kidman telephonic conversation.

Reporters went too far to get a story

This is the list of 10 times when reporters went too far to get a story. You can be a great addition if you comment down other incidents of great reporting.

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