You are currently viewing I Saw Bullets Web Series And It Looks Like A Rip-Off Version Of Bitch Slap

I Saw Bullets Web Series And It Looks Like A Rip-Off Version Of Bitch Slap

I Saw Bullets Web Series And It Looks Like A Rip-Off Version Of Bitch Slap

The news of Bullets releasing on MX player is literally a year old. Sunny Leone and Karishma Tanna starring action-thriller Bullets was supposed to release back in 2016 but the movie was delayed due to various reasons.

You can guess the confusion of makers as they released the trailer announcing its release on the MX players and withdraw the trailer after an hour. Even the stars didn’t promote the film via their social handles. To be honest, the movie shouldn’t be released at all. However, thinking that no content is bad content. Take a look at the MX player web series Bullets and see what makers wanted to show and failed.

The trailer has mentioned the plot and what answer the audience should find throughout the movie. However, watching the movie was not a bad memory at all. The actors look convincing with their acting skills but the poor script and written material make the movie fall completely.

Bullets web series karishma tanna sunny leone eksukoon


No scene sticks to you except the intimate parts of both the leading actresses. Filmmakers didn’t shy to accept that they try to remake the action erotica movie Bitch Slap with a different storyline.

Karishma Tanna is completely out of character throughout the movie and at some point, you also feel that her existence in the movie doesn’t matter at all. It is clear that nobody was ready to accept the movie release and the reason is quite obvious.

Bullets Web Series Review 

This show focuses more on their physique, objectifies them, and doesn’t care to lend their characterization at all. All you notice are people who’re high, done-to-death Punjabi rap numbers, and steamy lovemaking as the women try to unravel the truth behind an international conspiracy. Bullets is a joke of a crime thriller whose only intent is to provide a few cheap thrills with bogus storyline.

Bullets web series karishma tanna sunny leone eksukoon


Bullets is a web series where the two protagonists who run away from the crime scene do catwalks with bikinis, relax at a pool, sip a glass of wine as if they were on a holiday and also make time to discuss the spiciness of a missal paav. It’s a show where the women have enough time to pack their suitcases with beachwear and party-wear (that would last an eternity) in an hour when their existence isn’t certain. It’s a show where a majority of the men are either perverts or baddies who do murky underworld deals.

The show makes a complete mockery of the functioning of the police force. The methods that the women employ to bypass the security personnel of a famed cabinet minister are truly a joke on the audience. The supposedly-humorous sequence about homosexuals is done in poor taste. There’s no sense of continuity between episodes and the two-hour run-time feels torturous.

Bullets web series karishma tanna sunny leone eksukoon

The digital medium serves little purpose if the same-old trash at the cinemas finds its way to the small screen. There’s more to creative freedom than expletives and intimacy after all.

MX Players Bullets Cast and their performances 

It doesn’t take much intelligence to realize that the makers are least interested in the performative skills of their lead actors Karishma Tanna and Sunny Leone. The actors make little effort to prove otherwise or give any meaning/purpose to their roles, seeming rather while content only flaunting their bodies and costumes.

Bullets web series karishma tanna sunny leone eksukoon

Amaan Khan shouldn’t call himself an actor. He struggles in his cop avatar here, the role lacking in authenticity and conviction. Vivek Vaswani has nothing memorable to do in a part where he appears too tired and bored to utter lines like ‘khatam kar do’, ‘maar do’ every second sequence. Shawn Aranha is deplorable in his brief role while Areez Gandhi is just about passable.

Mx Players Bullets Web Series Plot 

Sunil Korade, the spoiled brat of a corrupt politician Hemant Korade, is killed in a pub launch party. Sunil’s Canadian girlfriend Tina and a mysterious woman Lolo run from the crime scene. The cops launch an investigation into the murder.

The female duo is on the run and ultimately reaches a lodge in Goa to seek refuge. However, this does little to distract the cops or Hemant’s loyal assassin Ketu who are after these girls. Lolo’s leaving no stone unturned to prove Hemant’s connection with an arms deal scam too. Where does this chase lead them to?

Music and Other Creative Departments of MX Players Bullets

The background score by Dharm, Sandeep and Laxmikant Funde lacks any sense of urgency that we expect from a thriller. The songs are merely rehashed and reworked from the many party tracks in Bollywood films in the recent years with random rap elements thrown in.

Bullets web series karishma tanna sunny leone eksukoon

Arvind Singh’s cinematography has a sense of lavishness at places but has little appeal in a show with an incoherent narrative. The edits are all over the place, the jumps from scene-to-scene are too sudden and random. Devang Dholakia fails both as a writer and a director and doesn’t infuse any thrill or meaning into the sequences. The detailing is equally shoddy.

Do watch the movie if you like girls doing action. There is a record of such movies in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. Even though the execution is not impressive, we should appreciate the efforts of the filmmakers. Critic as a good watcher.

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