You are currently viewing Extreme Truth Or Dare Questions For Couples (Extreme Dares)

Extreme Truth Or Dare Questions For Couples (Extreme Dares)

Extreme Truth Or Dare Questions For Couples

You will be super busy in your life and getting time for your friends is a tough dare for you to do in the game called life. Well, this is not a discussion about how you will spend your quality time with your friends. I think you know better what will be your plans when you live with your friends. Here we present you the extreme truth or dare questions for couples.

It is more about the dare and less nothing about truth. We really don’t want you to read a hell of a lot of long articles and spend the time in play. Let’s come into action and start with the extreme dares you don’t want to pay for but also want to see or get the idea about.

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Extreme dares from truth or dare questions

1. Spit in the mouth.

Scientifically proven that your saliva into your partner’s mouth can give you both a positive vibe. Thus, there is no shame in spitting into each other’s mouth if you don’t find it gross. With this dare, you at least have a reason to try it.

2. Unzip the pant using teeth

Before the vanilla got out of stock in the market and dark chocolate came into play, undressing was considered the erotic act and probably the best part of the meal. It is still good for the old school guys. To perform this extreme dare and I bet you guys are creating a memory together.

3. Suck the toe for a minute.

Naah! There’s nothing cool about it. It is just here to justify the word extreme in the headline. Most importantly, while you don’t hesitate to excite your partner by fellatio (google it) then what’s wrong with this little act of extreme dare.

4. Play the game without wearing any clothes

We give you a chance to set the mood in the very beginning if you got lucky with the extreme dare and it appears after the spin. Imagine your partner is there talking to you, sitting with you, all same but without having any piece of cloth on his body.


5. Kiss for 10 minutes without touching each other with hands

I know you guys are sort of good kisser and you often greet each other with a peck or something soggy. But this extreme dare will surely excite the things in your love life. Even though you are completely in love but 10 minutes seems like an eternity. Good luck with this as it is really a dare.


6. Do 5 pushup on your partner’s body without any clothes

Thinking that people these days are fitness enthusiastic, it seems a valid dare but the catch is… you will be wearing nothing while conducting this fitness test. Now, this extreme dare will approve whether you will go for another round or not.


7. Hold tongue from the partner’s lips and say ‘I Love You.’

Awww sweetie. Is this an extreme dare? Not at all. It is just confirmation that you are playing the game with the right person. Enjoy this little surprise from the to all the game players. What I want in return is your outrageous comments on this post. Thank you if you are doing it or just keep dreaming because these things are not happening with you ever.


8. Rub your private parts on your partner’s private part

Here we back again with the play. Rubbing, hugging, touching these are like the basic of such games. If you don’t have taste for vanilla then we are sorry. Think about that, we can’t write dares like do 4 shots because you will not come to play after that.


9. Kiss me with your eyes open for 1 minute

This is sort of an unlove kiss, or the fun kiss, or just a different type of kiss you haven’t try ever in a closed room. Let me remind you that the game is specially designed to open up couples about their fantasies and likes and dislikes. The general audience of this post is arranged marriage couples or loafers.


10. Upside down kiss on your private parts

You grew up watching upside-down kiss from your favorite superhero movie ‘Spiderman’. Take the dare to another lever and involve your tiny private parts in the game. Get ready to feel the sensation when your eroticism goes upside down with your partner.


11. Write your name on your partner’s private part

We suggest you mark the territory by signing your name on your partner’s body. It came into my mind as my teacher used to say that we learn and remember things by writing them down. You will certainly not get any other chance but this dare.


12. Exchange your underwear.

Sharing is caring but sharing is amazing will happen the first time in your life. Perform the extreme dare and exchange your underwear. Don’t worry, ladies don’t get pregnant by performing this stunt. You will feel comfortable (sometimes awkward) with each other.


13. Lick your partner.

It has been seen that most of the couple hated putting things in their mouth or licking things. This dare allows you to judge your limits as a couple in bed. If he or she is not willing to do this stop the game or move to the next dare. Remember the purpose of this game is to know better.


14. Switch clothing with your partner while hugging, but don’t separate your body.

Play come again. No harm in this but this is different from all types of dares. Undressing is never this cool and in addition to this, you will be fully clothed after this dare. You got all the closeness and proximity that you ever wanted with your partner.


15. Take the dirtiest selfie and send it to your partner.

An easy one but it will come to you as a surprise after seeing her in her dirtiest avatar. It might not what you expected but it will surely help you to connect with your partner.


16. Close your eyes and lick whatever body part your partner puts in front of you

You wish for it, here’s the dare for you. Close your eyes, trust your partner, and put your mouth forward with tongue out. Let’s see what you taste from your partner’s body. A complete surprise in the middle of the game. What else you want?


17. Kiss my neck the way you want to be kissed yours.

While we tried our best to make you know your partner, there’s something that you would like to see how your partner may want to have it. And this is the reason, the dare is nothing but to show your partner what exactly you want from them.


18. Unwrap a candy in your mouth and give it to your partner via kissing.

To be honest, we thought to write ‘Kissfeed your partner’ but we rethink and found that it wasn’t appealing at all. The dare should sound amazing and exciting to perform. So unwrap a candy and pass it to your partner.


19. Strip in front of your partner.

Undressing is an art and this is the reason we have mentioned this in all different ways thrice. In this act, you have to use the stage and show your partner that you have nothing to hide. Show your partner how exactly you came into this world, I mean without clothes. That sense.


20. Player’s choice

This post is just to give you a brief idea about the list of dares you can use in such games. Otherwise, people are born with fantasies and you probably have your list of dares. So go with that and ask what you want all the time from your partner.


Hope you enjoy the article as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Note: These stunts (extreme truth or dare questions) are performed and cause no harm in the relationship. However, the partner’s confirmation is advised.

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