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7 Signs That Humans Are Getting Dumb With Every Passing Year

7 Signs That Humans Are Getting Dumb With Every Passing Year

There’s a fact that you have to believe. Phones are getting smart day by day, and at the same time, humans are getting dumb day by day. The whole world has changed into some sort of marketing flea where everyone is pursuing everyone to make their products and service sale.

It includes the parents who pursue their children for their happiness and society prestige, boys and girls with their broken heart to get affixed by, and not to talk about the wholesome market of the internet where everyone trying so hard to make a sale. Sale of their enthusiasm.

Let’s cut the crap and discuss the scenario of the modern world. Here are the 7 signs that humans are getting dumb with every passing year.

1. Humans Are Getting Dumb Because They Are Not Ashamed To Accept Laziness

There were times when people used to quote “only sick and old people should rest in a day time,” now it changes to “Do smart work instead of hard work”. People really think that laziness is now a sign of genius and they have accepted it wholeheartedly.

The result is astonishing as the world is full of geniuses who do smart work and copy the works of others and get rich in a quick time if he/she shows smartness in cheating. Thus, this lazy allegiance is one goddamn sign that proves humans are getting dumb day by day.

2. Heartbreak Is Quite Common But Still Scares The Hell Out Of You

The modern world has accepted the love in its pure form. It is to accept your happiness until you get bored. People understand it as “you can die like a lover or live long enough in the relationship to be single again” Since people now really don’t want to compromise, and as they feel bored or disinterested they move on.

This is only one facet of the coin. Another side, the one who doesn’t want to move on feel extreme trauma. He/she might end up losing sanity, and mental health. So this common thing is the sign that people getting dumb day by day by not compromising.

3. Entertainment Is Cheap And One Dimensional With The Sole Purpose Of Selling

We live in a world where the phone is a common thing, and with net connection on everyone has access to the internet and information of the whole world. But the entertainment industry due to their purpose of making money becomes one dimensional and that is just vulgar and funny.

Nobody talks about ideas and other things, people are lusty and lazy and curse by social sickness. The now-products are customer-oriented and customers love to eat shit and that is what they get.

4. You Are Predictable And Someone Knows You Better Than God

One thing that is changing the world dynamically is predictability. Your information is live on the internet which is used by marketers and that actually helps to predict your moves. If they know what are your likes and dislikes then they can target you for your likes.

This is not the unseen possibility, this is actually happening and in the next level, as micro-speakers are used to track your voices, cameras are used to monitor you and your privacy in one false thing.

5. Finding Shortcuts For Success Are Common Which Are The Dumbest Thing

The lazy asses of the country are cursed and they often find a shortcut to reduce their work hours. This is making the world dumb day by day as people get the same things every time and their search results are narrowed by the things they are continuously offered.

For instance, Youtube offers you the same type of videos on the basis of what you liked. You are typecasted almost every day and this really won’t disturb you. Think about it.

6. You Listen And Do As Someone Says Without Giving It A Second Thought

It is true that you have been brainwashed several times. However, if you fail to imagine the consequences of what happening around then this is the saddest thing. There were dictators before, and this is not a new thing but now hate speech is very common and there are teams on both sides. Who wins depends on who manipulates more.

Because humans are getting dumb with every passing year. And this is what smart people do, manipulate the audience.

7. Customer Is A Punkass Schmuck Instead Of King For The Modern Seller

You have heard that for businesses customer is king. No, what they actually believe that the customer is Chutiya and who can eat and digest everything if we serve them in a proper way. And I really don’t want to comment on it any further.

So these are the 7 signs that show how humans are getting dumb with every passing year. Please give your opinion on what you feel about it. And do comments about what are the solutions to these problems.

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7 Signs That Humans Are Getting Dumb With Every Passing Year

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