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Side Effects Of A One-Sided Relationship

Side effects of a one-sided relationship

Put two great people together and endow one of them with a deep sense of love for the other one while keeping the other one absolutely clueless. And there you have it, the shortest one-sided love story ever.

Love, at best, is a giant flower pot dropped from the fourteenth floor, and to your fortune, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

That surge of adrenaline you get from stealing a glance at her or those frightening goosebumps that show up as she passes by you in the hall; one-sided love is cute. However, there are probably more cons to it than there are pros. To mention a few, you have a very low chance of getting noticed by her, the waiting time in this queue is always longer than it appears. So it is safe to say that one-sided love is cute as long as it is happening to somebody else.

You are not irreplaceable

I believe that the hardest part of secretly loving someone is to see them hold hands with another person, to be reminded every single day that you are not irreplaceable. And as inhumane as it may sound, you sometimes want to wish them sadness, so you can bring some happiness your way for once.

And this feeling becomes all the worse when you know you are kind of annoying, which is almost unavoidable in most cases. If you are the good type, you would rather keep yourself away from her in the hope that she would find someone better than you. And that is sure to play against your own unrequited love.

You live in a dollhouse

Remember how we used to play doll games where two tiny friends would be declared husband-wife and they would pretend to do their chores together? Well, a one-sided relationship is the grown-up version of the same doll era.

Your life somehow turns into a continuum of unanswered prayers and you can’t help but believe your own lies. You start to believe that your princess is yours to keep forever while she openly dates somebody else. You start to believe that your fantasy planet is your only residence for the rest of your life until she comes along and rescues you and your reality.

The only good thing in all of this time travel mess is that the doll you one-sidedly love does look as pretty as a doll in your eyes. There is a very weird but adorable pleasure in loving what you think you cannot have and as time goes by, you start to get addicted to this kind of pleasure.

You wait endlessly

If you are waiting for them to give a damn about you, you better pack a lunch because it’s going to be a while. That’s the way one-sided love has always been and will always be, a lot of waiting in the queue.

This can be classified as one of the most annoying of all the side effects of a one-sided love affair. Every single day begins with a plate full of sugary hope and ends with a load of sour disappointment. Days go by, weeks go by and before you know it, you start to feel too old to be a part of this endless wait, but you keep going anyway.

Admit it, you have been waiting for something you know won’t happen, and that can get to you at times. Sitting and waiting for the love to spark in your beloved’s eyes has been categorized as the most brutal form of torture.

You give and give and give

As a wise anonymous guy once said, “Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.”

As a one-sided lover, you consider it your duty to shower care and attention on your dream girl every chance you get. So you don’t even realize how much of yourself you are giving away to keep your hollow, romantic hopes and aspirations alive.

You somehow figure out what all she needs on a daily basis, whether it is a double caramel morning coffee or a spoon during her lunch hour or an umbrella on a rainy day. And you effortlessly find ways to provide her all that she needs, that too without coming out as a creep.

You end up scraping all your pizza toppings and putting them on your darling’s pizza slice so she can have the best.

You know what, Cupid sometimes runs out of arrows and manages to shoot only one person instead of two. So as exciting or as cool as this one-sided love thing may sound, it is quite a pain in the back. If you are going to jump in this well, remember that you are going to be at your own risk.

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