EkSukoon Story – Wild Pizza Cravings Kick Off Adventure

EkSukoon Story - Wild Pizza Cravings Kick Off Adventure

EkSukoon Story – Wild Pizza Cravings Kick Off Adventure

So we went out of our way and drove like crazy in the middle of the night to quench our hunger for a mighty pizza, yeah, you read that right.

To give you a little context, Gina aka Gin and I have been roommates for over a year now. I know her name sounds somewhat out of place, but that’s a story for another time.

She is a plump north India beauty who would rather spend her Saturday night in her pajamas binge watching Netflix than go out and party. And that’s exactly what we were doing the other night, binge watching our favorite thriller when it hit her, her food craving for the month. I have lived with her long enough to have her PMS food cravings all figured out. Basically, her cravings vary by the month. Last month it was mango flavored popsicles and this time it is the beloved Pizza. And when she craves, you need to do something about it, you cannot just sit there and wait for it to surpass.

So here we were, at the stroke of midnight, scrolling through Pizza places around us on the Google maps. The thing is, we kind of live at the edge of the world and ordering a pizza here isn’t a click away as you might think. So Dominos or Pizza Hut or any of those big names were off the charts. What we usually do whenever we want to eat a pizza is pick up a couple of regular ones from the nearest Dominos on our way home from work, and the nearest Dominos is like an hour away. But it wasn’t the usual this time, this time it was her monthly cravings clawing at her. And while it did annoy me, I didn’t really have an option.

So after a 30 minutes long internet surfing session, she yelled, “If the pizza can’t come to us, we will go to the pizza.” It was just what I had expected, she was going to drag me through the city in the middle of the night for something as petty as a pizza and she actually did.

We picked up our white dupattas, the ones we otherwise use to protect our faces from getting tanned on scorching days, and wrapped them on our heads like we probably never did in the past. We were now a couple of harmless dacoits looking for nothing but some pizza.

Now amongst the two of us, she is the only one who knows how to drive, yeah that’s embarrassing, but it is what it is. We had heard of a place which is open late at night and we were ready to try our luck. So we both got on our little scooty and in the heat of the moment, we decided to ditch the Google maps for once. We were out there trying to conquer the world one pizza at a time and we didn’t want to use the crutches of technology in this endeavor of ours.

As we were strolling through the streets, we spotted a little pup on the sidewalk, crying and shivering. Both of us are big dog lovers and as soon as we saw the puppy, we exchanged a certain look and ran to get him. It was safe to assume that he was as hungry and lost as we were. So now it was the three of us, making our way through the sharp winds, desperately looking for some food.

We wandered and wandered in a hope to somehow reach a planet full of extra large pizzas floating all around with endless topping options, coke and Pepsi flowing through the taps, and houses built of stuffed garlic bread sticks. Each one of us had our own fantasy of the perfect pizza feast running in our heads and we were too weak to face defeat now.

20 miles and one puppy later, we couldn’t find the pizza place that we were looking for, but we did end up at a whole new fast food joint that matched our fantasies pretty well. There was a weird but soothing spark in our eyes as we looked through the menu items. For obvious reasons, we ordered more than we could eat and because of our love for the dogs we couldn’t help but order some food for the puppy as well. We relished the goodness of cheese like never before, our insatiable taste buds were swimming in oregano and perfectly baked bread and what not.

All of us savored all the food that we could and got some packed for the rest of the hungry night as well. While I was playing with the puppy, Gin yelled from the billing counter, “Did we bring any money?” Well, apparently we didn’t.


EkSukoon Story - Wild Pizza Cravings Kick Off Adventure

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