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Why Following Passion Is Harder Than Leaving Your Family

Why Following Passion Is Harder Than Leaving Your Family

Why Following Passion Is Harder Than Leaving Your Family

‘Passion’ has been the buzzword of the century for some reason. The word that has cleverly found its place in every young adult’s drawer lately. What is passion anyway? And what’s the deal with all the rebellion that accompanies it?

Parth, an intellectually sound guy in his early 20s got accepted into a university for his undergraduate degree in information technology a few years ago. He liked computers, there was no doubt about that. But that was not why he went for this degree program. He took it up because apparently, a career in IT has a good track record in paying your bills on time.

This decision of him taking up this study program was in harmony with his family since they want what was best for him. There is nothing wrong with that. Now, as you must have guessed, Parth’s gotta have some passion. So yeah, he loved music since he was a tiny tot.

In his teenage years, he would put on his headphones and go on long walks, listening to his favorite tracks on the loop. He would sing along and also record sometimes. You know how there is always one kid in every class who sings every chance he gets, Parth was that kid and everyone adored him for that.

Why Following Passion Is Harder Than Leaving Your Family

Parth caught everyone’s attention as soon as he got into his undergraduate college. There were a number of music clubs and groups that he could join. There were open mics happening in the new city that he was at. In short, he was exposed to a plethora of platforms for him to showcase his love for music.

Two years into his degree program, Parth saved up some pocket money and managed to get a guitar for himself. He would stay up late at night to practice his guitar skills. His roommate hated it though, but Parth wanted to learn guitar so bad that he didn’t care much.

This new music skill opened new doors for him. Now he could play guitar for other singers in his college, who had great singing skills but didn’t have any musician to accompany them. This gave Parth a boost of confidence he had never felt before.

To his fortune, he got a chance to perform at an art festival in his city. He wanted to share this experience with his family, so he invited them to come and watch him play. He arranged the best seats for them and what not.

Why Following Passion Is Harder Than Leaving Your Family

As soon as the performance got over and he got united with his family, he blabbered out something he has been holding on to for quite a while. “I want to quit this degree and pursue music.”

For obvious reasons, his parents were not in agreement with this decision of his. They wanted a stable lifestyle for him, but he wanted to do what he loved.

He went with his decision anyway. As soon as he got out of his comfortable college lifestyle and stepped in the actual world of music, he realized he had a long way to go.

He was on his own financially and being a fresher in the industry, nobody was ready to pay him much, which is the case with any new endeavor. There was stress, one sleepless night after the other and a lot of hard work to polish his craft. He soon had to start treating his hobby like a job in order to earn something out of it.

Now, this is not a story of failure nor is it a story of triumph. Maybe Parth made his way into the music industry victoriously or maybe he returned home 3 years later after a failed attempt at his passion.

Why Following Passion Is Harder Than Leaving Your Family

This is not about Parth. This is a story that sheds light on the real world of ‘passion’, which is full of hardships. Being out there, in the reality of your passion can leave you gasping for breath. The excitement of being who you want to be can quickly turn into endless trials and errors.

And then when you look back, making the decision to go against your family would seem the easiest of all; the decision that once sucked the life out of you because you love your family.

Should you go against your family to follow your passion? There is no right answer to that question. The least you can do is do all the research you can and gather some experience before making a big decision. If you know what you are getting yourself into, there is a good chance that you will survive it through the thick and thin of reality.

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” – Ella Jane Fitzgerald.

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