Tandav Web Series Got Everyone’s Attention, But Not In A Good Way

Tandav Dialogues

Tandav Web Series Got Everyone’s Attention, But Not As A Good Web Series

Amazon Prime Video recently released the multi-starrer political drama series Tandav. While the web series has decent hype among fans for its cast and political backdrop the Web series spent its whole screen time setting up its characters and their motives.

Most of the big names in the Tandav Web series has nothing much to do but to be in a scene. If this is going to be a multi-season web show then this is certainly not a good beginning by the filmmakers. Moreover, the web series in the radar of many Hindu parties who have shown conflicts with a couple of scenes in the web series.

Tandav Web Series Got Everyone’s Attention, But Not In A Good Way


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The political thriller web series ‘Tandav’ on Amazon Prime Video was released on January 15. The series is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, while several well-known actors including Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Kumud Mishra, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Sunil Grover, and Gauhar Khan have played significant roles in the series. This is also Ali’s digital debut on the OTT platform.

Tandav is the story of adopting every tactic of sam-daam-Dandi-bhed to achieve political ambitions. However, despite the huge star cast, lavish scenes, and all the spices, the series does not get into the depth of politics that makes a political story a true thriller. Tandav is a superficial political thriller web series that fails to engage the viewer.

Tandav Web Series Got Everyone’s Attention, But Not In A Good Way

The fault is not even with the creators of the Tandav. In the last few years, the public has seen so many political debates in real life that both the understanding and the attitude of watching political-thrillers have changed and the same real events are spread in the series of 9 episodes. Interest incident is inevitable. Be it JNU under the pretext of student politics and mainstream politics or farmers’ dissatisfaction with the government or the role of media in the current political scenario. The slogans of freedom, left, right and we need, the people are constantly watching everything.

The web-series consists of two tracks running parallel to each other through the characters of the series. One track is of student politics and the other is mainstream politics. Writer Gaurav Solanki may not have had to work too hard on the track on student politics, as he has created scenes incorporating the major faces and developments of student politics that have been in the headlines over the years.

Tandav Web Series Got Everyone’s Attention, But Not In A Good Way

However, writing certain scenes of mainstream politics has used some imaginativeness, but being unpredictable, they remain ineffective. Devki Nandan (Tigmanshu Dhulia) is the leader of the country’s largest party Janata Lok Dal (JLD) and has been Prime Minister thrice, is going to be the fourth time. However, he dies just before the election results are out.

Devaki Nandan’s death is the first major twist in this story. The power game begins at the party after Devaki Nandan’s death. Son Samar Pratap Singh (Saif Ali Khan), an ally of Devaki Nandan since his time in student politics and the party’s number two leader Gopal Das Munshi (Kumud Mishra) and senior party leader and Anuradha Kishore (who has a personal relationship with Devaki Nandan) Dimple Kapadia), the game begins, in which Anuradha bets and becomes the Prime Minister.

Anuradha holds a weak vein of Samar. He remains flirtatious but is unable to take any step against Anuradha. So Samar decides to become ‘Chanakya’, who will gain power by searching for ‘Chandragupta’. After becoming PM, Anuradha now faces the challenge of keeping old party veterans and Samar in the camp. Summer, however, sees his Chandragupta in student leader Shiva Shekhar (Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub), who has become the poster boy of campus politics since the farmer’s movement.

Tandav Web Series Got Everyone’s Attention, But Not In A Good Way

The next story is based on the same political drama between Anuradha and Samar, whose commanders are Samar’s wife Ayesha (Sarah Jane Dias), PA Gurpal (Sunil Grover), and Anuradha’s PA Maithili (Gauhar Khan). Tandav fails to offer anything new as a political thriller. Political developments are also seen repeating the age-old pattern, which the audience has seen in dozens of films based on political background.

Be it the Prime Minister Devaki Nandan, more important than the relationship or the relationship with the most ambitious son Samar Pratap Singh, or the relationship to climbing the political ladder, or the desire of Anuradha Kishore to become the PM herself or the rival camp Bargain to break MPs.

Dialogues are important in political thriller stories. The lightness of the scenes is sometimes weighed down by the dialogues. However, the dialogues of the Tandava are simple and flat. The biggest attraction of Tandav is its star cast, which is headed by Saif Ali Khan and Dimple Kapadia.

Tandav Web Series Got Everyone’s Attention, But Not In A Good Way

Saif is fine in the role of an ambitious, ruthless, and intrigue-by-intrigue leader. However, the work that Saif did in the negative roles as Omkara’s lame Tyagi is the climax of Saif’s acting journey so far, which he has not left behind despite playing all the negative characters.

Dimple Kapadia has been an experimental actress and has successfully faced many challenges of acting in her career. Dimple also does not disappoint in her digital debut. She has equally lived up to the dignity and deceitfulness of her character.

Tandav Web Series Got Everyone’s Attention, But Not In A Good Way

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub and Sana Mir (Krittika Kamra) in the role of Vivekananda University (VNU) student leader Shiva Shekhar have tried their best to bring life to life. However, Sana Mir’s track could not open up in the first season. The role of PM Devaki Nandan is played by Tigmanshu Dhulia effortlessly.

However, at the age of just three years older than Saif Ali Khan, Tigmanshu also knocks in the role of his father. Sarah Jane Dias in the role of Samar’s wife, Sunil Grover as PA Gurpal, and Gauhar Khan as PA Maithili in Anuradha. Both actors have looked different from their screen images.

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