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10 Points To Prove “The Married Woman” Is Alt Balaji’s Best

Alt Balaji is famous for showing the steamy content in every web series they made. It was one of the big reasons that their other genre-specific web series fall flat without generating any viewership at all. For the record, the show has given some of the stellar India web series such as Bose, The Test Case, Mentalhood, The Married Woman and many more.

Sadly, the best part of the Alt Balaji is overshadowed by the raunchy steamy contents that creators are proud of. I think that’s pretty fair as Alt Balaji creators are aware of what they are selling and to whom they are selling.

The only thing that they failed to do is to create the right mix of content and sensation that Hollywood web series and TV series do swiftly. For instance, many people watched Game of Thrones as political drama series instead of erotic drama while Paurushpur is nothing but actors doing body rub and dry humping.

The Married Woman Ridhi Dogra Kiss

For some reason, Alt Balaji is trying to get over the stinking tag of eroticism by providing other genre-specific original web series. And “The Married Woman” seems very interesting and appealing with its teasers. As a movie buff, I have 10 points to prove “The Married Woman” is the best Indian LGBT web series and that too comes from Alt Balaji.

1. The Content itself as Book Adaptation of “A Married Woman”

Let’s start with the content and theme of the movie, since it is a book adaptation, I assure you that the web series A Married Woman is more story-driven than character-driven. There are various subplots in the web series touching the struggle of a home-maker, being a free woman in India, the overwhelming society and its impact, the joy of being together, the frustration of being together, and many more.

2. Promotion Campaign as they are selling the right way

A single viewer may feel other different types of emotion while watching the heart-touching journey of Ashta. Even the character introduction and promotion campaigns are unique as The Married Woman series creators are welcoming you to be a part of Astha’s journey as she breaks boundaries set by society to find herself.

3. The Romantic LGBTQIA+ content, not erotic

For some reason, Bollywood often failed to show LGBTQIA+ stories in the romantic light. Whether it is erotic or somewhat fighting society. From the trailers released and the book reads, we can expect that “The Married Woman” is a fresh take on the LGBTQIA+ content and romantic instead of erotic.

The Married Woman Ridhi Dogra Kiss

4. Star Powers to draw an audience with this content

The major reason people still feel this content Taboo is that A list actors and popular celebrities never sign up for such projects. While I wanted mainstream actors to play the part, Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra are the big names in the TV industry. It will gather a huge audience base and of course a big move in the industry.

5. A period drama with beautiful set designs

It has been seen that a film sometimes looks scenic because of location and additional effects that other departments put forward such as location, set designs, and costume designs. The web series “The Married Woman” looks stunning because of the period drama and set designs and their outfit selections as well in each scene.

6. Dialogues In the Trailer and promos are promising

Many reviewers will agree that one can’t praise and critic the work of anyone without seeing it, I will agree that and that’s why I emphasize people should watch “The Married Woman”. I will mention one scene that stayed with me long after I watched the trailer. Remember the scene where Ridhi’s character talks with her husband by stating “Let’s try something different today?” and the husband reacts to it by asking “What?” and she sweetly said, “Baatein.”

The Married Woman Ridhi Dogra Kiss

7. A mix of sensation and story (Bold And Beautiful)

Rarely we got to see the right mix of bold and beautiful in the Indian content. With limited options, we are forced to enjoy web series like Mirzapur, Inside Edge, and many others. The Married Woman is like a breath of fresh air. Also, it has the perfect story that the Indian audience searches for and perhaps the most needed one.

8. Alt Balaji’s sensation and flavor

Although, we never miss the sensation and flavor that Alt Balaji provides with its content. Hopefully, people searching for erotica will get a fair share of fun portions as well. Even the show directors have confirmed that “The Married Woman” has one of the raunchiest steamy scenes from the OTT platforms web series.

The Married Woman Ridhi Dogra Kiss

9. The True Portrayal Of Indian Woman

From the looks of Ridhi Dogra’s Astha and Monica Dogra’s Peeplika, it is clear that makers have tried to present the true portrayal of an Indian woman with their web series. Even the makers have shown their true intentions towards making the web series.

10. The Married Woman Release Date is International Women’s Day

What a date they pick to release their web original content… A show with a female cast focused on women empowerment is now releasing on International Women’s Day. We already said that the marketing campaign has done its work tremendously.

The Married Woman Ridhi Dogra Kiss

Do watch and appreciate the efforts of filmmakers. Watch the sensation storytelling of “The Married Woman” created for the Indian audience.

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