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6 Rules From Zombieland We Need To Follow To Survive In The Year 2021

6 Rules From Zombieland We Need To Follow To Survive In The Year 2021

Zombieland is one good movie that entertains the hell out of us with two good movies in the series. But if you look beyond the entertainment, it gives you life lessons. The lessons to survive in the changing world. You are almost in Zombieland as people around you are either Homer (obsessed with themselves), Hawkings (All Sharma Ji ke ladle), and Ninjas (the detectives we don’t want).

So, if you want a good year ahead, you have to get inspired by our Zombieland hero Columbus. Let’s discuss these 6 rules from Zombieland we need to follow to survive in the year 2020. Let’s thank Columbus first to make such great rules in the first place.

6. Cardio

Cardio is one of the most important rules and you should take it seriously. If not you can’t be fit enough to work in the year 2020. This is the time to get your first gym membership or renew your gym membership.

Your life will be a tough task for you if you don’t follow rule number 1 of Columbus. There is no point in being out of shape in the next year. I hope you will take me seriously and work out like literally work out and stay in the shape after the end of the year 2020.

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5. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Another rule says you have to work on your sorry ass and always willing to get help if someone is helping you. It’s more like having an ego massage. There’s no point flying high if you have no one to watch your skills.

Just, take help whenever you get it and ask for help. No is the last thing you get from a man or woman. What you will see, the rate of getting no is really low in comparison to hearing yes from people around you. You will make lots of friends by following this rule.

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4. Travel Light

The ultimate rule that everyone should follow is traveling light. There’s no need to carry all your stuff everywhere you go. If you are on vacation then enjoy vacation only, and don’t merge it will the show-off thing you really enjoy at the end of the day.

Your vacation bag must be light so that you can feel nature in its best way possible. You know the minimalistic life concept, the tiny house thing, and other stuff that detach you from materialism. Yeah, just do that. Be the first in your area to do so.

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3. Don’t Be A Hero In Zombieland

You don’t have to be a hero all the time. I doubt have you ever read the philosophy of being a kingmaker is better than the king. Yeah, that one. Sometimes the kingmaker gets more respect than the king himself.

Don’t be the hero, work in order to make things happen. In the end, you will enjoy the process and get your credit as well. Don’t rush to show all your potential if you want to be a hero at the end of the year.

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2. Seatbelts

I think the most common rule of the Zombieland is wearing seatbelts. It is important because they live in Zombieland and the roads are not safe. Just similar to India where zombies try to cross the road and roads are really not safe to drive.

Get the tip and always wear seatbelts if you don’t want to injure yourself or die in the process. Hey, it also has a bonus point, you will free from the traffic challan as well.

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1. Enjoy The Little Things

And finally the most important rule, you have to keep yourself busy by enjoying all the little things you get from your life. It will keep you fresh and energetic. For example, enjoy the office coffee if it will taste good someday. Enjoy the free ride if your uber coupon works.

Enjoy the little date if you get your tinder match, and enjoy every moment of life and work hard smart to get success in the year 2020.

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You can also make your own rules to survive in the year 2020. Do mention them in the comment box so that we know it.

Stay Happy. And we wish you a Happy Holi. Survive the Zombieland.

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