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Karan Johar Fired Kartik Aaryan From Dostana 2, Creative Differences

Karan Johar’s Having Creative Differences Again, Kartik Aaryan Is Blacklisted

Dharma Productions have been in news for a while, sometimes because of its popular face “Karan Johar” making controversies, sometimes actors having creative differences. In the nutshell, Karan Johar confirmed having creative differences with the actor Kartik Aaryan before the shooting schedule of Dostana 2 even begins.

It leads to the actor getting blacklisted in the Dharma Productions for a while. If you are also thinking about what went wrong, there can be many reasons. One that all the entertainment websites keep repeating is the fact that Kartik was generating goodwill based on working with Dharma Productions and keep spreading rumors.

Kartik Aaryan Karan Johar Controversy

3 things that keep forwards after shocking revelations from the Dharma Productions include,

1) Kartik’s PR team keeps bragging about the star power and how his films get a higher price on OTT platforms. Which is false by the way.

2) Kartik keeps demanding more money for the roles and his other films from various production houses.

3) The enormous rumors related to upcoming movies of Dharma Productions. Karan Johar later clarifies with the tweet that they are still working on the scripts and no cast finalized for the movie at all.

 Dharma Productions Tweet On Kartik Aaryan’s Unprofession Behavior

Karan Johar first clarifies that the upcoming untitled movie directed by Sharan Sharma is still in the scripting stage and no casting confirmation has been made. There were rumors that the movie is about cricket and feature Kartik Aaryan and Tripti Dhimri in the lead role.

Later, Karna Johar fires Kartik Aaryan for his unprofessional behavior. It is reported that Karan Johar has faced the loss of about 20 crores after replacing the lead actors in the much-talked movie Dostana 2.

Kangana Ranaut’s loud reaction to Karan Johar firing Kartik Aaryan

Kangana as usual won’t keep her mouth shut on anything remotely related to the film fraternity. This time, she made a bold statement by saying, Karan is doing it again and forcing Kartik Aaryan to hang himself just like Sushant.

Even though this is one of the most common practice in Bollywood as many actors faces rejection even when the shooting started, it comes as a shock. It would be interesting to know how Kartik Aaryan’s career in Bollywood pans out after this incident.

Dharma productions are one of the most sought production houses in Bollywood and they just blacklisted the actor on his professional behavior.

Now Kartik Aaryan movies include Netflix’s Dhamaka and after that Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2.


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