5 Reasons Why The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Disappointed Fans


In one of the old Spiderman movies, we heard the dialogue “great powers come with great responsibilities.” We believe that’s completely true and this is the reason that every show related to MCU has long discussions among marvel fans. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier has now wrapped its broadcasting schedule and the show instead of giving a satisfactory end, has opened into many other things. For some reason, fans didn’t like it at all.

Like a Marvel fan, I have eagerly waited for the release of the 6th and final episode of the show. I watched with utmost curiosity to enjoy the show. And the moment it started showing everything one by one I found it very predictable and fussy, to be honest.

Little you know that the final episode has got the worst rating among all the episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. So what went wrong with Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Here, take a look on the detailed analysis by screenwriters.

5. A Happy Ending For Everyone, Even The Villains

Creators of Falcon and the Winter Soldier managed to successfully finish the character arc of Sam Wilson, Bucky Barns, and Super Soldiers, but it also provided happy endings for almost everyone who was remotely associated with the show.

Be it the John Walker getting the tag of US Agent, Zemo killing super-soldiers, Sarah getting her boat fixed, Elijah Bradley becomes the first black Captain America, and even the old man with Bucky knowing the truth about the death of his son.

Did I forget to add Sharon Carter’s name in the list? The mighty powerbroker got the position in the government agency. So, a delicate happy ending for Sharon Carter aka Powerbroker too. Didn’t it look quite similar to what GOT makers did in the last 6 episodes of the show?

falcon-and-the-winter-soldier-sam-wilson-anthony-mackie-scaled (2)
Zemo having his own fun. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier


4. Character Redeemed Again And Very Quickly This Time

Marvel movies are based on comic books and character rarely dies in comics. With the chance that every character has an open window to come and go in marvel movies the character impressions matter a lot.

Marvel has done it many times, they made a hero into a villain and the villain turns back into a hero. Let’s start with the beginning, the winter soldier was the assassin who later became a hero, Wanda Maximoff started as a villain but the character was redeemed later, Zemo was the villain in Captain America Civil War but became a likable character in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

And, the biggest is Loki who is now getting his stand-alone show in which he is more like an anti-hero than villain. While John Walker’s character was redeemed gracefully, fans believe this is very quick and John walker should have taken more time with his rage and anger.

John Walker become the US Agent

3. Powerbroker Is Either Plot-Hole Or A Predictable Guess

A major debate about the show Falcon and the Winter Soldier was about the reveal of powerbroker. The way it was set up in Madripore gave hope of introducing one of the biggest surprises for MCU fans.

Moreover, there were speculations that it will also be connected to Shang Chi and the legends of ten rings. Sadly, Marvel had the very baseless jokey type of surprise for fans when they reveal Sharon Carter as Powerbroker in the middle of the show.

To be honest, all the YouTubers and Reddit Spoilers were predicting that Sharon Carter would be the powerbroker but that contradict Zemo’s description of the Powerbroker when he used ‘he’ to refer powerbroker. Thus, this was a major plot hole and a predictable guess at the same time.

falcon-and-the-winter-soldier-sam-wilson-anthony-mackie-scaled (2)
Sharon Carter is the power broker

2. Setting Up Too Many Things For Future Marvel Shows

Wanda Vision was all about Wanda and Vision’s love story. Falcon and the Winter Soldier had the burden of setting up the premises of other upcoming marvel shows as well. Probably this led to the worst criticism of falcon and the winter soldier episode 6.

It has set up the US Agent for his upcoming adventures, it has set up Zemo for the Thunderbolt series. What do you think why Zemo is in the raft this time which is monitored by General Ross? With US Agent and Zemo, Marvel’s Thunderbolt is on its way now.

What do you think about Sharon Carter’s credit scene when she got invitation to the US secret agency? She will be playing somewhat lead in Marvel’s Secret Invasion and Armour Wars. Now you may get the idea of how the creator’s major focus was to introduce the characters for other Marvel shows instead of giving the Sam and Bucky bantering.

falcon-and-the-winter-soldier-sam-wilson-anthony-mackie-scaled (2)
Interconnected to Marvel’s Armor Wars

1. Unnecessary Epilogues After Climax

The half-hour epilogue part after the battle in Endgame was somewhat necessary as it was the closure of 10 years-long stories. Well, it wasn’t the case with the 6-episode-old Falcon and the winter soldier series. Still, they took the inspiration from Avengers Endgame and included a half-hour-long Epilogue after the climax battle.

We saw how Zemo’s butler exploded the van filled with super soldiers, we saw Black Captain America’s monologue about the struggles in life, we saw John Walker’s US Agent outfit, we saw Winter Soldier’s confessions, and even the call back to Bucky’s psychiatric. As usual, I missed how Sharon Carter invited back to the US secret agency. And on top of it, Sam Wilson enjoying on his boat partying around.

And finally, the newly added history of the first black Captain America as Elijah Bradley. All of these epilogues were unnecessary in the context of the show.

falcon-and-the-winter-soldier-sam-wilson-anthony-mackie-scaled (2)
The history of Black Captain America

Well, this is Marvel and this is how things gonna be for a while. I just watched Wanda Vision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I am eagerly waiting for the Loki series now.

New Captain America Suit ripped on from the comics

Loki Series will be releasing on 11th June. Also, if you have other reasons to hate or like episode 6. Do share your opinions in the comment section.

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