You are currently viewing Green Lantern Series:  HBO Max Confirmed Finn Wittrock In Lead Role

Green Lantern Series:  HBO Max Confirmed Finn Wittrock In Lead Role

Green Lantern Series:  HBO Max Confirmed Finn Wittrock In Lead Role

After the disappointing portrayal of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, HBO has shown some guts to reintroduce the superhero in a full-fledged web series. Actor Finn Wittrock is on board to play the green superhero from DC Universe.

Sources revealed that Finn Wittrock will portray Guy Gardner who is the third Green Lantern in the DC comics after Alan Scott and Hal Jordan respectively. In the comics, when dying Green Lantern Abin Sur crashed on Earth, he chose Jordan and Gardner as his successor.

The 2011 live-action movie featuring Ryan Reynolds featured Jordan’s Green Lantern story and there was no mention of Gardner’s Green Lantern. In the comics, the power ring chooses its wearer by proximity, and Jordan was closer to Abin Sur that day. On contrary, Gardner also grabs the spare ring and developed a tough personality over the years.

The Series Will Show Guy Gardner’s Green Lantern 


The Green Lantern series will begin with the very first Green Lantern on Earth, Alan Scott in the 1940s, and later followed by Gardner Bree Jarta. Bree Jarta is a half-alien race and through the show runtime, all the Lanterns will come together to save the day in the end.

Fin Wittrock is already a known face famous for playing Jether Polk in American Horror Story and Netflix’s Ratched. Fin has already an Emmy nominated actor and he will surely uplift the Green Lantern as a superhero figure.

The series is going to be in 10 one-hour episodes and stream on HBO Max. Green Lantern series will be co-written and produced by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Seth Grahame-Smith. It will be developed under Berlanti production in association with Warner Bros. Television.

There’s no comment about the official release date of the Green Lantern series from HBO Max. However, fans are overwhelmed by the news. They are rooting for the reboot of the Green Lantern franchise for a long time.

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