You are currently viewing Netflix’s Lucifer Is Now A Divine Comedy With Daddy Issues

Netflix’s Lucifer Is Now A Divine Comedy With Daddy Issues

Netflix’s Lucifer Is Now A Divine Comedy With Daddy Issues

Netflix just dropped the much-awaited trailer of Lucifer Season 5 part 2. It starts with unraveling the same cliffhanger it left us at the mid-season finale. Do check out the trailer, but before that just read what is that gift for you in the upcoming episodes of Lucifer Season 5.

The God, Lucifer’s dad made his appearance at the end of episode 8, and it was hilarious. However, fans were expecting him to show up and no doubt Dennis Haybert has a divine presence on the show too. As you remember, before God’s appearance, Lucifer and Amendiel were fighting Michael and Mazikeen. God finally ends that fight.

Even the trailer starts with the same cliffhanger and God decided to have dinner with his three sons and Dr. Linda Martin. In the remaining episodes, you will see God trying to reconcile with Lucifer’s daddy issues. You will also see the hilarious responses of the show’s main characters when they meet God.

Netflix’s Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Trailer Is Out


Amendaiel points out the dysfunctionality among the “heavenly family” and we can see that in titbits in the montage. However, the trailer made God’s intention pretty clear about his coming on Earth. He is retiring from being God and he wants one of his sons to take his place.

The second half of the trailer is all about Michael and Lucifer fighting to be the next “God” and they try to gather support among other divine creatures to achieve “Godhood”. The trailer looks interesting and we are eagerly waiting for its release.

The second part of the fifth season of ‘Lucifer’ will premiere on Netflix on May 28th, 2021. The first four seasons and the first half of the fifth season of ‘Lucifer’ are currently streaming on Netflix.

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