Hai Taubba: ALT Balaji’s Gandii Baat Got A New Name


Hai Taubba: ALT Balaji’s Gandii Baat Got A New Name

This summer ALT Balaji is preparing to give you more sweat with its new web series. “Hai Taubba” series is a compilation of 4 stories. These stories contain lots of erotic scenes like ALT Balaji other web series.

Even some viewers are comparing this web series with the ALT Balaji flagship show “Gandi Baat” and “XXX”. The possible reason for this is probably the fact that Indians are too familiar with it. “Hai Taubba” is going to be realised on 6th May 2021.

Out of these 4 stories, one will talk about the sexuality of males in the 40’s. The other two shows same-sex love which is another LGBTQIA love stories, and the last one is still unclear as it might talk about the issues of husband using his wife as a success ladder or it’s a wife swapping base story. All you are going to know that after its release.

Hai Taubba: ALT Balaji’s New Show Deals With Suppressed Sexuality

We can see some of our Bengali actors in this web series. Tuhina Das is making her Hindi OTT debut. Gagan Anand​, Sachin Khurana​, Tuhina​, Shaheb Bhattacherjee​, Simran Mishrikoti​, Bhakti Maniar​, Sachin Mohite​, Megha Mathur, Purva Naresh​, Rohan Ghose​, Agay Deepsingh​, Akshay Neb​, Majid Azam​, Siddhartha Mukherjee​, Aakaash Berry​, Baljit Singh Chaddha​, and Yash Mhatre are the Maine lead of the stories.

The ALT Balaji face ‘Ekta Kapoor’ already cleared that she will continue to make such content as people watching TV shows have two different tastes. There are shows that people watch with their families and then the shows that they want to watch alone.

No matter how much we criticise Ekta Kapoor for bringing such fluid erotic shows but most of ALT Balaji contents are one-time watch and that’s enough for ALT Balaji’s creators. Surely, Hai Taubba will also keep coming from ALT Balaji with many new seasons and episodes until they thought of some better name.

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