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Vidya Malavade Became A Sensation With ‘Bamini and Boys’

Vidya Malavade Became A Sensation With ‘Bamini and Boys’

Another name from the old book of Bollywood is going to be a hit because of the super success of OTT platforms in India. Ever heard of Vidya Malavade even though the actress is active in the industry for the last 18 years. The 48 years old Vidya Malavade is going to play seductive and funky and cool landlady in the upcoming short web series ‘Bamini and Boys’ from Disney+ Hotstar Quix.

The actress has a fair share of struggle in Bollywood with smaller roles and low-budget films and even the multi starrer. However, the OTT platforms have changed the scenarios and she got the lead role in the upcoming Disney+ Hotstar Quix ‘Bamini and Boys’.

The show is a light-hearted comedy that showcases the interaction among three boys and the landlady Bamini played by Vidya Malavade. In all the teasers and trailers, Vidya Malavade is looking seductive gorgeous and it may shape her career in the industry.

48 Years Old Vidya Malavade Playing Hot Bamini 

The 48 years old actress looks quite comfortable flaunting her bikini body and dancing in shorts and sarees with the boys. In her exclusive interview, she said her character Bamini is the opposite of what she is in her real life.

Vidya Malavade’s Bamini and Boys recently dropped its trailer and it looks stunning. According to sources, the actress recently spoke about her character in the series and mentioned how it was an “exciting challenge” for her. She mentioned, Bamini, is a “party animal” and she welcomed quite a few changes in herself to play the character.

Vidya Malavade’s web show, Bamini and Boys, is about three boys who rent a flat out of their budget from an attractive woman (Vidya). Bitten by the love bug, they compete to woo her, only to land in comical situations. The Bamini and Boys cast includes Rishab Chadda, Akashdeep Arora, and Anuj Pandit.


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Vidya Malavade discusses the ‘Bamini and Boys’ cast and more

While speaking about her experience with the cast, Vidya also mentioned how working with the young actors was fun. She promised that the show is a “comedy riot” with Bamini and the boys having endless fun. She cleared that she hopes viewers enjoy the show as much as she did while shooting it. In Vidya Malavade’s words, Bamini is gorgeous, ambitious, generous, and fun-loving among other things like seductive, sexy, and erotic.

She mentioned how her character is gorgeous and humble nonetheless. Her character Bamini is a single mother. Playing the role of Bamini has been a “fun roller coaster ride” for Vidya Malavade. She complained that in her entire career she hasn’t had the pleasure of playing an animated character like Bamini. ‘Bamini and Boys’ features daily episodes each ranging between 10-12 minutes on Disney+ Hotstar.


Vidya Malavade talks about the Disney+ Hotstar Quix

While speaking about the show in an interaction, Vidya said that the show is a “hilarious ride”. She also mentioned that the show is “light” and “easy-breezy” due to the short length of the episodes.

While speaking about the releasing the show during pandemic, Vidya pointed that people need a laugh in times like these. Vidya also mentioned how people have to inevitably stay home and stay safe. She hopes her show will bring some “positivity” and “laughter”. She spoke about how she feels blessed to be able to entertain people even in grave times like these.


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