How Excited Are Marvel Fans For Black Widow?


How Excited Are Marvel Fans For Black Widow?

Since months ago people have been saying “Well, I don’t care about Black Widow anymore” and I always took that as “entitled fans who will be the first ones to watch when it actually does release having a tantrum but today with the new posters it made me think: Are they that wrong?

It seems to me like people are much more excited, even outside of this bubble, in the general public, for Loki, Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, even Eternals, The Marvels… etc. Even I kind of don’t feel such a rush for it to come out, it’s more like is just there before Loki.

This is weird because we are talking about a movie people were asking for since 2010, with the hottest rising star. With a character popularized by one of the most popular videogames of last year and Russian Captain America (when we didn’t have a new Cap) … but it feels like it has no air in it.

From the chatter around, it feels more like it was actually released last year and it already completed its cycle of discussion. To be honest.

A discussion was made to visualize the mass appeal of Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansson and people came up with polarising opinions.

Black Widow Is Not A Perfect Fit For Phase 4

Black Widow missed the window. It’s hard to be excited for a character who already died, you know? We’re also now into cosmic stuff which makes a (seemingly) straightforward, not even super-powered, affair not all that exciting. This movie looks like it would’ve been perfect in phase 1. It is very confusing to have a solo Black Widow movie in Phase 4? It feels like it’s working against the momentum of what the MCU has been doing and where it’s going.

All that said, it might be great, it might add a lot to the world, it might get us excited for the future. All of that is possible and we should be open to it. At this moment, we will be there in week one because Marvel has earned a level of trust. For the fact, I’m just not excited about it. They’ve shown us nothing that doesn’t feel like we’ve moved past it since phase 1 ended. Again, I trust Marvel and am sure there is something there, they just haven’t shown me yet, so there’s nothing to latch onto.

The Constant Delay In Black Widow Release Date Killed The Buzz

Some people are definitely looking forward to it. If it’s well done, all will be forgotten in terms of it being delayed. It’s a different situation for Black Widow vs, say the New Mutants, where the movie kept being delayed because of movie problems. For Black Widow it was just bad luck in getting caught up in COVID.

The thing is it seems like they have been pushing it again lately. Re-releasing the character posters and other promotional material. Surely, they have hit a wall because they already released the trailers before COVID. So there aren’t anymore they can show. All they can do is keep shouting the releasing date and hope people show up in theatres for the movie.


The Black Widow Plot Leaks Made The Story Predictable

We know where her story ends for Black Widow.

As good as the movie might be, as much as we all want to know about Budapest, we know where it ultimately goes.

All the other projects are set in the now and moving forward. Unless some multiverse shenanigans bring Nat back this is a dead-end compared to the other projects.

And this might be Marvel’s biggest mistake. Because it is pretty clear to me that they plan that the impact of this film moving forward will be the side characters that it introduces us too.

They have mentioned that the certain character that we saw in Falcon and the Winter Soldier is in this film too, and I’m interested to see what her role will be.

Just because we know where Natasha’s story ends, we don’t know anything about the others. But that isn’t going to get people into the theatres, especially after all this delay.

It says a lot that even with all the promotions they are doing that even people seem to be forgetting it is coming. It has David Harbour and Florence Pugh as big draws. Both of them are still awesome, but it felt really “in the moment” very Pre-pandemic 2020.

The Year Of The Female Blockbuster Is Left Behind

The stories they’re telling now are more intriguing. One of the biggest criticisms of the MCU is that they don’t take risks and it feels like now they’re finally doing that.

If this movie came out like seven or eight years ago, I would’ve been so excited. It probably would’ve been all I talked about all summer, but at this point, I’m more interested in the other movies they have planned, not a movie centered around someone who’s dead in the canon. Tbh at this point, I wondered why they even bothered, we have been asking for a black widow stand-alone for years now and they give it to us now???

This may be the one marvel movie I skip out on.

Of course, as you think the number of shows and crossovers they are coming up with, not everyone has a chance to watch everything around. Leaving a few won’t harm and you still can be a proud Marvel Fans.


If Black Widow Fails, It’s A Good Movie Releasing At Worst Time

There are a few reasons why I’m not that excited about it. First, it’s a movie that should have come out a long time ago. It feels like Natasha’s arc ended with Endgame, and so this movie seems like an afterthought. The second reason is that it doesn’t appear to be doing anything new or groundbreaking. The third reason is that I have mixed feelings about Scarlet Johansson in the role. She’s not bad by any means, but I think they could have gone with a better choice.

Black widow is going to be the best marvel movie IMO. I’ve read all the cast interviews, and the movie touches on the abuse and trauma the women faced at a very young age. It’s going to cover ground no marvel movie ever has before. It’ll be a grounded, character-driven movie about found family plus Florence Pugh.

I think it is grounded will help it stand out from all the magical stuff coming.

You can think of your taste and preferences yourself. Does Black Widow give you the same movie watching experience or you will sit in the theatre to prove that you are a marvel fan? Think yourself.


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