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Army Of The Dead And Zombies Evaluation Over The Time

Army Of The Dead And Zombies Evaluation Over The Time

Zombie movies are getting lots of attention these days and trust me this COVID virus has nothing to do with it. As a filmmaker, there’s been an idea revolving in my head for a while. The idea is to upgrade the zombies. Army of the dead has upgraded the zombie movies forever.

For a long time, zombies are just brainless creatures with active bodies walking here and there. At first, their hunger was used as a movie premise, and to be honest they are not at all dangerous if walking alone.

Later, filmmakers found the comedy in it and they come up with decent zombie comedy movies that include Shaun of the dead series, Zombieland series, and even the Indian zombie drama ‘Go Goa Gone.

You are well versed with the first blaze of zombie movies that include ‘Train To Busan, World War Z, Resident Evil, and many more.

Sadly, none of these movies ever discussed the progress and evaluation of zombies over time but one. The Zombieland Double Tap. In one of the iconic introduction scenes, they cleared that Zombieland now has 3 different types of zombies.

How Army Of The Dead Is A Different Zombie Movie?

Zack Snyder’s Zombie story is way different from everything you have ever seen related to the zombie. In Army of the dead, zombies are smart and fast. They can think and made a plan and even successfully executes it. They are planning for the war. The zombie war.

Soldier Zombie, Stripper Zombie, and Tiger Zombie

It is probably the first time we will see a Tiger Zombie attacking people. The vision of the movie is appreciable as they have planted a heist movie scenario in the middle of the Zombieland.

What’re the first 15 minutes of Army Of The Dead

In the very first 15 minutes, the movie showed what it gonna be. The scene starts with soldiers carrying zombies somewhere and they met an accident. The box opens and the zombie is out for the action. He killed all the soldiers and see the whole city as their hunt.

Then we see the long intro credit featuring Las Vegas casinos and stripper zombies and soldiers fighting zombies. In the end, they sealed the infected area, and the massive zombie army left in the destroyed Las Vegas.

Watch First 15 minutes of Army of the dead.

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