RGV’s Dangerous Trailer: An Explicit And Exciting Romantic Thriller


RGV’s Dangerous Trailer: An Explicit And Exciting Romantic Thriller

Ram Gopal Varma has been questioned several times about his taste and choices regarding filmmaking and script selection. While revolutionizing the crime genre giving great Indian content is accepted, he failed miserably to give any other things like romance and horror.

Finally, the director is back with a thrilling romantic tale of two lesbian lovers and the trailer is way too appealing and exciting. In many moments, RGV himself pointed that the film means something to him and he is very hopeful about the movie and its response.

The trailer of RGV’s Dangerous released and it looks stunning especially with the quality and camera setup. The major portion of the Dangerous trailer focuses on both the actresses Apsara Rani and Naina Ganguly who are loving each other.

Dangerous Is An Erotic Lesbian Movie

Before the trailer begins, a disclaimer pops up saying section 377 has been repealed by the Supreme Court of India. This way RGV cleared things that no controversy hits the surprising film.

Naina Ganguly and Apsara Rani are lead characters of this film and they come across each other. Both hate men and so they fall in love with each other. Naina and Apsara offer ample skin show in bikinis and kiss each other in a couple of scenes.

A crime episode is added to their romance and both flee with bags of cash. How the gangsters are connected to these ladies is all the premise of ‘Dangerous.’

The trailer is pretty exciting with the steamy show of Naina and Apsara. While many would say, it is the mediocre work of Ram Gopal Varma, I would say for the first time, it looks something like the female-oriented erotic thriller we have seen in many Hollywood movies.

The film “Dangerous” will release on the Spark OTT platform and the release date hasn’t announced yet.

This is India’s First ‘LESBIAN’ CRIME/ACTION FILM #dangerous. Watch Dangerous Official Trailer.

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