Stop Using ‘Dog’ As A Movie Plot, You Bollywood Maniac

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Stop Using ‘Dog’ As A Movie Plot, You Bollywood Maniac

Bollywood often prioritizes gods and there was always the reason for it. From “Kutte Mai Tera Khoon Pe Jaunga” to “If a man loves the dog, he is a good man.” Bollywood has dozens of successful movies where we saw Dogs as an actor and necessary for the movie. Btw the dialogue from Sholay is used only because it felt good, it has no dog show in any scene.

Here we are making a few mentions that will clear the concept of what was actually happening in the Filmmaker’s mind before started shooting for these movies with Dogs. If you also want a pet after this article then mention it in the comment and we will arrange you a good breed in your budget.

Also, I can’t hold that epic Dog climax in the Pataal Lok, that’s why I have written this article.

1. Teri Meherbaniyan Dog

When Bollywood was not finding any good motivation to create another love story for the audience, they come up with the bizarre concept. The movie strictly focused on the companionship of protagonist Jackie Shroff and the Dog.

In addition to this, the movie is the exact opposite of John Wick. In John Wick, John took revenge after he lost his puppy. In the movie Teri Meherbaniyan, the dog took revenge after he lost his owner cum friend. Since Jackie Shroff died in the middle of the film Dog is the hero in the movie.

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2. It’s Entertainment Dog

Akshay starrer It’s Entertainment has a Dog named Entertainment who was smart and rich and exceptional. In the movie, it was shown that Dog inherited the huge property while Akshay Kumar got nothing. At first, he tried to kill the dog in many ways.

Later, the movie became emotionally traumatic and all the self-proclaimed heroes of the movies were planned together to make everything easy for Entertainment (The Dog). Even though the movie was nothing but the senseless comedy, it will not make you bore with its comical scenes and catchy one-liners.

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3. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun Dog

One of the greatest hits of the 90s was Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, and the climax of the movie will make you cringe. If you ask me then the movie is more like Aamir Khan starrer Talaash. If you have watched Talaash then you will understand that audience was not ready for such a climax.

Similarly, the 90s classic ended with a dog saving the movie at the end. In addition to this, he got the vision from God also. No doubt they have mentioned the name of Tuffy in the movie credits also.

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4. Dil Dhadakne Do Dog

Zoya Akhtar brought another movie like ZMND which transport you to a whole another world. The multi-starrer movie has shown dramatic Mehta Family that has 5 members. And to everyone’s shock… Pluto Mehra was the sanest among all.

Aamir Khan dubbed the dialogue of the Pluto Mehra, and he has almost a similar amount of screen time as any other actor in the movie. Even though Pluto worked in the movie as a pet and did nothing dramatic to support the story. It is something unique to listen to him giving narration.

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5. Roadside Romeo Dog

You might forget about the animation movie Roadside Romeo which has Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Javed Jaffery playing animated dogs. They are cute and comical and all. Even though the little attempt from Bollywood went unnoticed, it was lovely to see actors are enjoying their dubbing part without feeling the fact that they are playing Dogs.

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6. Pataal Lok Dog

Recently release Pataal Lok is making headlines and the dogs, as well as underdogs of the Bollywood industry, is shining bright again. The web series made Jaideep Ahlawat and Abhishek Banarjee star overnight. And the dogs got a new catchphrase.

“If a man loves a dog, he is a good man. If a dog loves a man, he is a good man.” It can be said that the story idea John Wick series gave went to another level with Pataal Lok.

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7. John Wick Dog

One of the most famous movies across the globe is John Wick and he is only famous because of his love for the dogs. He started the whole drama and went into killing spree only because someone killed his dog.

The Internet is filled with thousands of memes and art posters that show the love of John Wick with the dog. Even the movie is attractive because of gunfighting sequences, the story became interesting because of the dog.

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8. Chillar Party Dog

Bollywood’s children movie Chillar Party became highlight when a bunch of children start protesting in their undies against the government to release their Pet. The movie is funny and thought-provoking and has a dog in it. Surely, the movie can be a better watch if wish to add it to your watch list.

John Wick took revenge because his dog was killed.

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