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Runaway Lugaai Watch Online On MX Player

Runaway Lugaai Watch Online On MX Player

Runaway Lugaai is now available on MX Player to stream for free. The 8-episodic series is a fun ride with a decent storyline. Runaway Lugaai is a perfect blend of comedy and romance featuring Naveen Kasturia and Ruhi Singh in the lead role.

The movie is getting a lot of buzz before release because of two important reasons.

1) The pure Desi flavor from dialogues and songs released to promote the movie.

2) The odd pairing of the lead actors Naveen Kasturia and Ruhi Singh

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Runaway Lugaai Cast

While the movie plot is somewhat very similar to what a rom-com should be, the strong and powerful cast is one of the main reasons for the audience to watch the web series. Apart from TVF’s Aspirant actor Naveen Kasturia and Calendar Girls actress Ruhi Singh, the supporting actors of the web series consist of pretty big names from the industry.

Sanjay Mishra will be seen playing the politician father of Naveen Kasturia in the web series.

Ravi Kishan is playing an important role.

Arya Babbar, Pankaj Kha, Chittaranjan Tripathy, and Kanchan Awasthi are also playing a key role in the lost and delirious comical ride named Runaway Lugaai.

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Runaway Lugaai Web Series Watch Reasons

From the marketing point of view, there are two obvious reasons for you to binge-watch Runaway Lugaai or so-called Vimal presents ‘Runaway Lugaai’. I have already mentioned it above.

Desi Vibe With Songs and Dialogues

The story is set in Bihar and makers left no stone unturned to make their points. From dialogues to songs, it depicts the story and its setup. For instance, there’s a song titled, “Na hi cheddo hame muhjhausa… milega nahi sexy samosa”, and Ruhi Singh who is quite similar to Meghan Fox in a way she is getting treated in movies and shows, we see her trying to speak odd Hindi mixed with dialect.

Odd Pairing Of Naveen Kasturia And Ruhi Singh

No doubt Naveen Kasturia and Ruhi Singh both are quite successful actors, but to be honest, they both have their separate audience. While Naveen Kasturia is famous for web series like Pitchers and Aspirants, Ruhi Singh is well known for her bold performances in movies like Calendar Girls and many other music videos.

The series is a fun ride and you can watch if you have nothing much to do with your time. 4 hours is the time you are required to binge-watch Runaway Lugaai.


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