You are currently viewing 10 Reasons Sushmita Sen’s Aarya Is Very Similar To Breaking Bad

10 Reasons Sushmita Sen’s Aarya Is Very Similar To Breaking Bad

10 Reasons Sushmita Sen’s Aarya Is Very Similar To Breaking Bad

Sushmita Sen did a wonderful comeback with her new web series Aarya. Fans and critics are very positive towards the web series with 9 episodes. While everyone is praising the website little you noticed that the concept and premise of the web series are very similar to hit TV series Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad became cult in the TV with the highest-rated show on IMDb ratings. Many attempts have been made to recreate the magic again that was once created with the great cast of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Check out the 10 big reasons to understand the similarities between Sushmita Sen’s Aarya and Breaking Bad.

1. The Family Angle

First and foremost, Walter White and Aarya both live a happy married life until they get the bad news of cancer and husband’s death respectively. They both are running the business only to save and help their family. While Walter wants to secure his children’s future with money, Aarya wants to save her child from all the bad people around her.

2. Drug Business

This is the basic connection that made us believe that Aarya is the reincarnation of Walter White. The drug business is a common thing in both the web series. Well, Walter White was a cook at first, she is just clearing the roads in the first season. However, there’s a lot to see in other seasons.

3. Endless Villains

Breaking Bad shows the web of the whole drug business and who is playing at what level. For instance, Jesse with his friends are a starter, while Tuco was managing an area. Gus was running an empire, and he also has some boss-like figure. Similarly, Aarya has many villains and layers as well, and the villain already said he is working under some boss as well.

4. The Ending Twist

Both the web series ended at a cliffhanger. However, the cliff hanger of Aarya is much better than Breaking Bad. Well, you can relate to the scene when Tuco dies and his cousins were about to come. Similarly, in the Aarya, when villain Shekhawat dies, the Russian druglord started calling Aarya.

5. People With Their Own Motives

Aarya is one of the best web series in India because characters have their own motives. Bollywood is often criticizing for writing characters as black or white, well Aarya has everyone in Grey. Why Jawahar was doing what he was doing and what other important character was doing was they were doing has some reasons. Their ways are conflicting and the story was movie forward.

6. Reasons For Everything Happening

We have discussed how people in the Aarya has own motives, now talk about what was happening. The story was moving forward with every decision characters were making from the beginning. All the things have created the epic conclusion and the story reveals that who is supporting who, but their own interest is hidden somewhere between.

7. Who Is Jesse Pinkman

Makers often write a sidekick with the main character so that their bickering and moments can be interesting. Walter White has Jesse Pinkman as a partner in crime. Well… Aarya has many Jesse with her. However, her sister got killed. Oops, it’s a spoiler. And many other people who supported her have their own motive. So it can be said that the introduction of Jesse is still awaiting.

8. Death Of Many Characters

What makes a web-series good? Of course the unpredictability. You like Mirzapur because Bablu Pandit dies at the end. Aarya also got Bloody when it was running to the climax. Most of the main characters died to support the story forward. It just reminds me of the unpredictably of Breaking Bad where everyone showed up with a gun and ready to rule the empire.

9. Perfect Fit For Indian Audience

While Breaking Bad is about drugs in the core from making to selling, most Indian people don’t like it because of cultural issues. However, Aarya is a perfect fit for the Indian audience as the web series is set up in India and makers have made it more emotional with families’ involvement than focusing on action and business time.

10. Aarya Is Walter White

Walter White is declared as the most dangerous character of the TV industry by none other than George R.R. Martin. Aarya has started in the same vein and matching the footstep of Walter White. The show has already said, business runs in Blood. We wish to see Sushmita Sen’s Aarya transformation from hating the business to liking it.

We hope, makers of the Aarya would consider the facts and make the second season of the show more compelling and full of surprises.

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