You are currently viewing 6 Recent Bollywood Movies that are destined to be Cult Classic

6 Recent Bollywood Movies that are destined to be Cult Classic

6 Recent Bollywood Movies that are destined to be Cult Classic

Do you know how a movie become cult? The answer is when a movie is loved by the audience for a long time. A little longer than usual. For instance, Sholay, Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge, and Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, and many more.

This year Bollywood has many releases and most of them have done a good performance at the box office. However, some are just masterpieces and the audience gonna love these movies for years. Let’s check out these 6 recent Bollywood movies that are destined to be a cult classic.

1. Kabir Singh has all potential to become cult classic with a memorable look

What a movie KABIR SINGH is? It has already made thrice by many regional cinemas. Shahid Kapoor has delivered his career-defining performance by playing the title character of Kabir Singh in the movie. This movie has everything that the Indian audience wants… the good music, memorable one-liners, and characters that can be memorable.

A cult classic always need characters that can be memorable, you know how to dress like Jay-Veeru, Munna-Circuit, Raj-Simran, and now you know the get-up of Kabir Singh. That’s how you gonna remember the movie.

Kabir Singh is stylish, passionate, and living-the-life characters. We all want to be like Kabir Singh. So there is no doubt that Kabir Singh will be the cult classic on Indian Cinema.

2. Padmavat is captivating, historic, cult-classic, and controversial

Let’s talk about the lesson Padmaavat that might have skipped during your history lessons. This time it is different, it is amazing and too fun to watch. There are so many C-factor attached to the movie Padmaavat. The movie is Captivating, Controversial, and Cult-classic.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has guts to show such historic events with such fine elements. From acting performances to other fine detailing of sets, the movie is one of the remarkable in Bollywood Cinema and will get praised by the critics and fans of every generation.

Padmaavat is a bold and beautiful portrayal of Indian history.

3. Manmarziyaan is definitely ahead of its time and will become cult classic

Manmarziyaan is one of the finest movie in the Indian cinema. The director has put all the effort to make such a movie and you will know it when you watch the movie. This is another masterpiece of Anurag Kashyap if you want to know the truth.

I can’t stop myself talking about the scene where Robbie meets a girl whose name was mentioned several times throughout the movie but Robbie didn’t remember her name. IT touches your heart and you’ll be wondering how can it be possible?

Manmarziyaan is definitely ahead of its time and maybe it will be loved by the audience when they understand the true meaning of having a relationship and at the same time dealing with the society.

4. Dream Girl is the one light hearted comedy that made it cult classic

Aayushmann starrer dream girl is similar to many other Aayushmann Khurrana movies but its element certainly makes it different from other movies. The concept of Pooja baby is fascinating and love to watch whenever one will be offered.

Its gripping screenplay and actor’s lovable performances make the movie a 2 hours treat for the audience and really such movies are the movies that can make producers happy too.

5. Gully Boy is the first of its kind of movie and of course a cult

Gully Boy is the movie about rappers and first of its kind. Rap is now a common term in India and people really love the concept of rap. Thus, it will definitely gain popularity in the upcoming years and so the movie. Thus, the movie will see another level of love from fans.

Ranveer Singh is in the movie like nothing before, and the concept of rap is all fresh and amazing for the Indian audience. The good thing is that the Indian audience has appreciated the concept.

6. Badla is a gripping, fast-paced thriller that Bollywood ever wanted

Badla is not popular because of its star cast. It is true that it has big names like Amitabh Bachhan and Taapsee Pannu, but a gripping story that hooks you for its showtime. You will be on the edge of the sheet biting your nails when you are watching this movie.

Badla definitely has the element that is needed for a movie to become cult-classic and outgrow number of fans from the next generation as well.

There are many more memorable movies that would be in your playlist of deeply attached to in the first place. For instance, I love the movie Jabariya Jodi. Mention the movies you thin will be a cult classic in Bollywood.

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