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ULLU Originals: Charm Sukh Salahkaar Is Best Among All Episodes

ULLU Originals: Charm Sukh Salahkaar Comes As Best Among All The Episodes

Ullu Originals keeps making progress with their content, especially with the popular series Charm sukh. Charmsukh has dropped its 26th Episode and it looks better than anything Ullu original ever came up with. Since we all know that Ullu is into erotic content, the possibilities of showing something are limited, yet, Ullu Originals keeps coming up with bone-chilling story arcs.

In plain sight, Charmsukh Salahkar seems a love story of a struggling couple who wants to spice up their relationship by inviting a third person on the bed. Visually, it provided more showing how the husband struggles to keep his wife as well as her satisfaction in the same house.

It shows the wife’s fantasies and her cravings for her old lover, and of course the spice in the relationship with his desires in the bed. What makes the episode memorable is the stellar performance given by the cast during the intimate scenes. They look bold and confident in each scene they feature together.

Charm sukh Salahkaar Cast

Mishti Basu (Nandani),

Ayush Sharma (Harry),

Ajay Raj Tomar (Kamlesh),

Anjani Rana (Husband)

Charmsukh Salahkaar Story

Rarely does a wife complain if her husband is unable to please her in bed, but on her husband’s insists, she reveals her dissatisfaction. On a friend’s advice, the husband invites the man of wife’s choice to share a bed with them. Will the two men be able to please the woman of the house or discover a love for each other?

The story is also different because of the interesting plot twist at the end. While the couple was having their moment with the stranger in the bed. Out of a sudden, the wife would be the one out of the game and both the men take on each other.

It was the first time Ullu Original come up with a gay romance segment in a very physical way. The episode is wonderful and we hope to see much more in the upcoming episodes of the Charm Sukh.

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