You are currently viewing Pooja Dey’s Girlfriend Web Series Watch Online On Primeshots

Pooja Dey’s Girlfriend Web Series Watch Online On Primeshots

Pooja Dey’s Girlfriend Web Series Watch Online On Primeshots

Primeshots is the new OTT platform introduced that releases short films and mini-series filled with skinemax and multi-genre content. Primeshots has very good engaging content and it got good reviews as well.

Steamflix web Series are usually 20-minute-long and carry a good story line up as well as stunning choreography too. Apart from all these horrors, comedy, mystery, and another genre, one specific video that stands out is the web series titled ‘Girlfriend’.

Primeshots has released two episodes of the mystery thriller and it went viral on the internet because of the passionate lesbian intimate scene shared between Swapnali Tayade and Pooja Dey.

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Swapnali Tayade and Pooja Dey Oozing Lesbian Romance

Pooja Dey is a popular name in the emerging Indian OTT industry. The actress has been featured in many Indian web series. For Instance, Pooja Dey is quite popular for her sensational Lesbian romance in one of the episodes of the Gandii Baat season 5.

Swapnali Tayade is getting her first major break on the OTT platform. The first episode of the series is all dull building the scene for the raunchy steamy scene starts in the second episode. Swapnali became the cop while Pooja Dey is the mysterious girl who showed up with evidence.

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The first episode of the Girlfriend Web Series ends up both the actresses stealing a kiss. The second episode of Girlfriend starts with the continuance of the steamy romance between Pooja Dey and Swapnali Tayade.

The intense session continues for like 5-6 minutes where both actresses undress while showing lovely kisses all over their bodies. The second episode also ends abruptly making us luring for the 3rd episode of the Girlfriend web series on Primeshots.

Primeshots is a new platform for the audience as well as makers. You can submit your short stories to Primeshots as well as get a subscription to watch exclusive and original content.

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