You are currently viewing TVF’s Aspirants Is 30% Plagiarized From Hindi Novel Dark Horse

TVF’s Aspirants Is 30% Plagiarized From Hindi Novel Dark Horse

TVF’s Aspirants Is 30% Plagiarized From Hindi Novel Dark Horse

Arunabh Kumar’s character has been questioned again and this time it is for plagiarism. Arunabh Kumar is a big name as he founded the TVF Media Labs and came up with a plethora of unique Indian shows one after another. TVF’s latest show Aspirants is getting everyone’s attention for all good reasons but a famed writer Nilotpal Mrinal.

Nilotpal Mrinal shared a picture of him with Arunabh Kumar from a function that works as proof that Arunabh Kumar is well aware of the works of the writer and his famous book Dark Horse about the preparations of UPSC aspirants. Later, Nilotpal pointed that almost 30 percent of his book has been used to create the super hit web series Aspirant.

Nilotpal Mrinal has shared two Facebook posts accusing the Aspirant show creators of Plagiarism and his posts got a lot of attention on social media. Nilotpal has written, “These rich and influential people thought that writers like Nilotpal come and go every day. Recently, even Satya Vyas Banaras Talkies was plagiarised…. what could anyone do to stop or punish the perpetrators?”

“But”, he says, “That will not be the case with Dark Horse. I will fight for my rights, and if I win or lose, it will be a wake-up call and inspiration for all writers whose work is stolen.”

TVF’s Hit Show ‘Aspirants’ Faces Plagiarism Charges!

Nilotpal Mrinal’s Facebook posts alleging plagiarism against The Viral Fever and Arunabh Kumar in the Post –

The Viral Fever has responded to Nilotpal Mrinal’s plagiarism allegations by releasing a statement saying,

“TVF is a creator-centric organization that has been nurturing writers since inception and takes their rights very seriously. A social media post has alleged that our show “Aspirants” has been inspired by another literary work. The Company has received a notice in this regard and we will fully cooperate to investigate the matter.”

This is not the first time Arunabh Kumar has been accused of anything. His case on the MeToo movement is known to everyone. Also, TVF has been in news for various reasons these days. For instance, his show title rights conflict with MX player, and now this.

The good news is the success of TVF’s Aspirant as the show made the channel reach almost 10 million marks. Also, the show got a 9/10 IMDb rating with a big number of users. It certainly made Aspirant one of the greatest Indian shows we have ever seen.

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