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‘Loki Web Series’ Is Coming, And Marvel Keeps Reminding With Promos

‘Loki Web Series’ Is Coming, And Marvel Keeps Reminding With Promos

Watching the efforts of MCU during the promotion of the Loki web series, you will start thinking about the promotional aspects regarding the movie releases. If I remember correctly, that’s their tactics for the first Ironman movie, the same goes for Avengers, and they keep doing it even now.

Loki series is already hyped up because it will feature Tom Hiddleston in his very own crime thriller web series. Fans are eagerly waiting for the series to stream on Disney+ and unlike Amazon Prime Video they believe in constant teasing with tons of promo clips.

Especially over the past four days, since Marvel Entertainment dropped three promotional videos on its official YouTube channel to promote this upcoming web series on the Norse God of Mischief.

Even though there is a noticeable gap between ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and the upcoming ‘Loki’, Marvel make sure that the audience won’t forget the series even for a day.

This is the reason behind dropping a few tidbits and so far, their tidbits have been attention-grabbing.

3 Loki Series Teaser In 4 Days

The first Loki promotional videos titled ‘Miss Minutes’ talks about the figure that represents TVA (Time Variance Authority), Miss Minutes. Her job is to inform the bureaucracy of the TVA to the person who stands before the judgment. Check the funny video from Marvel Entertainment.

The second video is titled ‘Loki in 30 Seconds’. In this special video, Tom Hiddleston came forward to narrate his character Loki’s journey in the MCU within the 30 seconds time frame.

The video is enough to excite fans about the upcoming Loki series.

The final video, titled ‘Clock’ shows a literal clock, which depicts that time running out since Loki took away the Tesseract from the original timeline.

This has caused multiple timelines to form from the original timeline and it is now up to Loki and the TVA to fix this error. Check it out, down below.

Check out ‘Loki‘ when it premieres on Disney+ Hotstar on Wednesday, on 9th June 2021.

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