Marvel Studio’s Eternals Official Teaser: Eternals Joked About Avengers

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Marvel Studio’s Eternals Official Teaser: Eternals Joked About Avengers

Marvel Studios has dropped the Eternals long teaser video and it looks completely bonkers. Probably Marvel has revealed too much with this teaser trailer of Eternals. It starts with a scenic depiction of Eternals’ arrival on Earth. The spaceship has a different design though.

Eternals find the earth beautiful and they helped the Earthians progress in the long run with their technology and guidance. They have seen the Earth creating wonders and throughout the years, they never interfered in Earth’s homely affairs.

marvel-studios-eternals-official-teaser-eternals-joked-about-avengers (4)

However, something changed and they start fighting in the absence of Avengers. The best thing is the trailer post-credit scene where all the Eternals talked about how the absence of Avengers affects the Earth.

They joked about Avengers and maintain the continuity. Lia McHugh raised the point of how Captain America and Tony Stark both are gone and Avengers may need a leader in their absence.

They also reveal a glimpse of Kit Harrington’s Black Knight for the first time in this short teaser.

Ricard Madden’s Ikaris came forward to lead the Avengers and everyone on the team broke into laughter. The easer trailer is a perfect tease for Marvel fans.

The Eternals is set to release on November 4, 2021.

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