You are currently viewing Watch Online These 4 Erotic Short Films On Cineprime

Watch Online These 4 Erotic Short Films On Cineprime

Watch Online These 4 Erotic Short Films On Cineprime

My quest for good content ends up on Cineprime, and I found some of the good short stories with the exact flavors I wanted and created with enough spices as well. These are not just softcore stuff available online for your pleasure. These 4 erotic short stories from Cineprime are complete entertainment.

Before I start talking and giving you slim reviews of all these 4 stories, let me assure you that all these short flicks are well shot, choreographed, directed, and edited as well. The sexiness of the shows will amaze you and you end up craving for more.

The Latest 4 Erotic Shorts Streamed On Cineprime

Tinku Ki Suhaagraat (Comedy)

Tinku Ki Suhaagraat cast – Kewal Desani, Prajakta Dusane

A depiction of newlywed couples and their wild guesses of what to do on the first night. Which starts as a sensational video turns out a comical ride. The scenes are at the end but who cares… we all search for the stories in such videos. Right?

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Wrong House (Thriller)

Wrong House cast – Gaurav Sharma, Nalini Negi

It is a suspense thriller that starts with the burglar trying for loot. He saw the homeowner as a blind lady who offered him conversation and asks him for an intimate session. He went through a long intimate moment only to know that the girl was pretending all the time about being blind.

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Old Monkey (Comedy)

Old Monkey cast – Abhishek Khanna, Alvirra Rana, Suman Saini

A situational comedy features an old man who somehow gets the boner in the middle of the day and gets a constant urge for intimacy. He keeps reminding himself about the maid and ends up calling an escort service for his pleasure.

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Video Call (Horror)

Video Call cast – Sunny Sachdeva, Amika Shail

A short horror depicts how a man manipulates his so-called girlfriend and becomes the reason for her sudden demise. However, she came back as a ghostly figure and haunts him for the rest of his life. The sleek choreography and choppy editing made it outstanding.

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