You are currently viewing Lay You Down: A Lesbian Music Video Featuring Indian Singers

Lay You Down: A Lesbian Music Video Featuring Indian Singers

Lay You Down: A Lesbian Music Video Featuring Indian Singers

For years, we all were constantly asking for LGBTQIA+ content. Finally, Indian content creators are coming up with exciting LGBT stories. But, seriously, we forgot one intense explicit lesbian music video which was released back in 2016 featuring Monica Dogra and Anushka Manchanda.

Singer-turned-actor Anushka Manchanda featured in an extremely bold music video in which she shares some intimate moments with actor-singer Monica Dogra. The video expresses the struggle of expressing love to the same sex and is titled ‘Lay You Down’.

Surprisingly, no one watched the video, or it smoothly passed the controversy meter. Probably, in the best-case scenario, protestors took a good time enjoying the video and forgot to protest at all.


Anushka Manchanda Exclusive Interview About Lesbian Music Video

In an exclusive interview, Anushka Manchanda spoke about her shooting experience and the motive behind such a music video. She said, “We were very clear about what we were doing. I trust my director and cinematographer completely so I wasn’t worried about it. I wasn’t worried if it would look vulgar and I was just concerned about performing and live that moment.”

She explained the intention behind the video with a statement, “When we were discussing this with producer Nanok about this, I had told him that I need to be able to stand up for whatever I have done. We can’t just make a video of two chicks making out. There needs to be something more, we need to establish that there is a relationship and how it is struggling to be expressive and free. We were making sure that we portray some kind of fight and limitations in the video.”

She shared her BTS moment. She mentioned that 70 percent of the music video was edited out because of explicit scenes. They were not afraid or felt awkward as the entire crew was female. Since the Entire Crew was Female, Anushka and Monica had Zero Inhibitions and went all out.

On asking about what makes her do such a music video and change people’s minds, she answered, “We are not going out there to start a movement but just trying to put across that love is love and being in love is not a crime. We wanted to create a product for which we are not embarrassed nor afraid. So, tomorrow if somebody objects to it, I should be able to stand up with my head held high for the thing I have done. I believe in what I have done.”


Revealing BTS Moments Of Monica Dogra Lesbian Kiss

DJ Nanok’s electro-single Lay You Down feature Monica and Anushka as lovers, which presumably tracks the several stages and moods lovers experience together. The video can be categorized as a bold approach towards homosexuality.

They do not lip-sync or speak throughout the video. However, the duo is very expressive and animated with mime-like actions and has you hooked to the screen. They make love to, admire, adore and despise each other in the video.

They appear to have a fall out towards the end when Monica features with a stone-cold expression and with tears streaming down her face. Anushka, who attempts to detach herself from Monica, fails.

Lay You Down has been sung by singer-songwriter Rehan Dalal, popularly known as Ray Dee. The very graphic choreography is courtesy of Karishma Chavan.

In an interview, DJ Nanok said Monica and Anushka were natural choices for the video. “I just wanted to make a video about an emotional moment between two people in love. But then I thought why can’t it be two girls? And I didn’t want it to be any two girls. I sent Monica and Anushka the song, and without beating about the bush, asked them if they were up for it.”.

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