You are currently viewing Palang Tod New Episode ‘Naye Padosi’ Is A Hillarious Tale Of Seduction

Palang Tod New Episode ‘Naye Padosi’ Is A Hillarious Tale Of Seduction

Palang Tod New Episode ‘Naye Padosi’ Is A Hillarious Tale Of Seduction

Ullu App is continuing to bring exciting stories in its latest Palang Tod series. Since most of the Palang Tod episode consists of threesome romance, Palang Tod’s latest is no different. The title Naye Padosi revolves around the new neighbor and the seduction around him.

The short trailer suggests the unsatisfied wife and her constant bickering with her house help. The teaser trailer clearly showed the event where the housemaid accidentally broke the laptop and her neighbor came to rescue and save the day in the end.

Later, the maid saw the staring and craving her lady as well as neighbor and suggested to go and meet him. She went to see the neighbor and they engage in a physical relationship. The housemaid creates an MMS video of two going down on each other and blackmailed her lady.

She abruptly ready to offer her money in exchange for video but she asked for a night with the neighbor and lady herself. Ultimately, they are going for a three-way relationship at the end. The plotting and picturization of the web show are quite good.

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Palang Tod’s next episode is coming after so long and fans are eagerly waiting for the episode to release on the Ullu app streaming platform. The web series Palang Tod: Naye Padosi cast is still ambiguous but it will be cleared soon.

Fans are expecting this to be one of the most sensational and memorable intimate scenes in the history of the Indian skinemax industry. Palang Tod has already released many episodes and most of them were loved and appreciated by fans all over India.

From Charmsukh to Riti Riwaaz to now Palang Tod, Ullu App has constantly provided tons of new web series. Soon, it will overtake the legacy of ALT Balaji who offered shows like Gandii Baat, XXX, and now Hai Taubba.

Palang Tod’s next episode Naye Padosi is releasing on 28th May 2021.

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