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10 Best Indian Lesbian Web Series Watch Online

10 Best Indian Lesbian Web Series Watch Online

LGBTQIA+ is now a trending topic and makers are forced to create good content for the audience. Sometimes it is eye-pleasing, sometimes it is soul-crushing, and sometimes it is thought-provoking. But every time, the Indian Lesbian Web Series is a delight to watch.

Here, we curated the list of 10 most reviewed, much loved, and brilliantly shot Indian Lesbian Web Series for you to binge-watch online. Also, comment down for the big list of 100 Indian Lesbian Web Series and we bring all those web series, TV shows, and Movies to one single page.

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1. Riti Riwaaz Pinjara (ULLU Originals)

Ullu Originals brought many stories on the same-gender relationship. Out of all those web series and short movies, the best one can think about is the Pinjara episode from the Riti Riwaaz series. Mahi Kamla and Mishti Basu gave their career-best performance and made every scene fully alive.

They were passionate, intense and many other things in all the scenes they shared together. And there are many scenes in the big episode. This is the one you have probably watched and if not watch it in your free time.


2. Breathe Into The Shadows (Amazon Prime Video)

What makes a thriller sexy? The Breather show creators came up with an idea to put the lesbian kiss during one of their most thrilling moments. It worked somehow. The scene building to the scene itself is a complete seduction.

Shruti Bapna and Nithya Menon both are established actors and it made the scene more alluring. Even though it lacked romanticism, the passion and story behind the scene made it memorable and thus on the list.


3. Ragini MMS Return (ALT Balaji)

Karishma Sharma and Sakshi Pradhan already talked in their interviews about the scene and how it will change the industry completely. They were right, the scene was intense and explicit which encourage more creators and even actors to perform such scenes in web series.


4. Bekaaboo 2 (ALT Balaji)

The second season of erotic thriller is all about a female writer and her quest to get experience for her new book project. Shubha Rajput and Poulomi Das gave everything that character demanded and make sure it will include in every goddam list like this one.


5. Gravity Of Love (Manga Tuber YouTube Channel)

The gravity of Love is a modern lesbian web series featuring Edith Pearl and Riya in the lead role. 5 short episodes are created to tell the story of them falling in love to making out and being together. The fourth episode titled Dyke have long 5-minute intimate scenes if that’s what you want. However, you can invest in the sweet love story too.

Indian-lesbian-short-films-eksukoon (8)

6. The Night In Mumbai (Hotshots Original)

Revathi Acharya and Preeti Rana’s intense love-making scene captured in the five-minute sensational short video clip. Sadly, the chip is so underrated that many people are still unaware of it. We would highly recommend you to search and watch the clip.


7. Devi Goddess (YouTube)

Another shorts series featuring big Bollywood names. Devi Goddess is an underrated short featuring Aditi Vasudev, Priyanka Bose, and Tanvi Azmi. It focuses on the closeted Lesbian who found love and accepts herself in front of society.


8. Maya 2 (Jio Cinema)

Maya 2 is a romantic tale of a same-gender relationship featuring Leena Jumani and Priyal Gor in the lead role. The web show was released on YouTube (VB On The Web) later show was shifted to Jio Cinema. It was the first of its kind when released.


9. City Of Dreams (Disney+ Hotstar)

City Of Dreams is a political thriller and it gained popularity only because of its political conflict and intense plot. The lesbian kiss episode is a bonus that made Priya Bapat and Geetika Tyagi one of the hot searches on Google.


10. The Married Woman (ALT Balaji)

The moment ALT Balaji announced its new show ‘The Married Woman,’ it became the trending topic on the internet. Monica Dogra and Ridhi Dogra played the lesbian couple in the web series and despite lack of intimacy, it is somehow very grounded into reality and worth watching.


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