You are currently viewing Netflix Team Up With Charlize Theron For A Film On Women Surfers

Netflix Team Up With Charlize Theron For A Film On Women Surfers

Charlize Theron, Netflix Team Up For A Film On Women Surfers & Equality

With rom-com and action flicks, Netflix makes sure the audience will get to see more stories about women’s achievements. Here’s Netflix team up with Charlize Theron for a brand new feature film.

Netflix team up with Denver & Delilah Productions for a film about 4 strong women and their struggles of being female surfers. The movie is loosely inspired by the article released in the New York Times titled, “The Fight for Gender Equality in One of the Most Dangerous Sports on Earth” by Daniel Duane.

The story focuses on the inequality faced by surfers Bianca Valenti, Paige Alms, Andrea Moller, and Keala Kennelly. Makers promised to stick to the source material, anyway. The movie will show how these women bond and fight for equality in sports. Their surfing in some of the most dangerous surfing spots and participating in the big-wave contest.

Surfing is a sport that is highly and extremely male-dominated. For instance, there is only 20-30 percent of the surfers are female. It is said that even big wave contests don’t take in many female contestants. Sometimes they even avoid it, but with time things are changing.

Netflix’s Team For The Surfer Movie

Even though big-wave female surfers are less, more and more are coming out and competing in the contests and even though the inequality is highly visible, female surfers now have successfully made their mark in the sports.

Along with Charlize Theron, Niki Caro, director of Disney’s live-action film “Mulan” has also joined the team movie as the director for the movie. Besides Mulan, Caro has also directed movies like MacFarland, The Zookeeper’s Wife, Whale Rider among others. Becky Johnston is onboard as the screenplay writer for the movie.

Going with the theme of the movie and the strong and powerful women that are onboard the movie, Netflix seems to be doing a phenomenal job in bringing out stories that can empower and motivate women everywhere.

Also, with a movie on this topic, this will be a unique film to look out for.

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