You are currently viewing Paro Web Series Scenes: Leena Jumani Vs Prerna Singh 

Paro Web Series Scenes: Leena Jumani Vs Prerna Singh 

Paro Web Series Scenes, Leena Jumani Vs Prerna Singh 

Recently released web series from Ullu Originals is getting huge popularity as it touches one of the most sensitive topics from the society. Bride trafficking is real and it is practiced openly in many rural areas of India even today. Paro Web Series is also hyped because of Leena Jumani.

We have already discussed how brilliant move it is from the Ullu Original production house to come up with such interesting and sensitive web series ideas. Before Paro, they released a web series titled ‘Breast Tax’ which showed the grounded reality of cruel breast tax on women in period times.

Paro web series has released its two parts and all set to release third installment as well. While Leena Jumani was the highlight in the first part of the Paro series. The second part is all about Prerna Singh and her intimate scenes.

Prerna Singh’s Character Roopa Married To Old Man

Prerna Singh played the character of Roopa in the web series who got the marriage proposal from the local politician and she accepts the proposal. The catch is the age gap as they even talk about their age gap and making the marriage legal first.

After the marriage, they went to celebrate their first night together and here’s come the highlight of the show ‘Prerna Singh Scene’. In her wedding dress with the old man, she seems quite comfortable during the shoots and gave a memorable shot.

Frankly speaking, the scene was shot in the same vein the Leena Jumani scenes were shot in the Paro Part 1. However, Prerna Singh was boldest, bravest, and left nothing to the imagination when she was touching, hugging, and even locking lips with her character’s husband.


Leena Jumani’s Character Paro Wedding scene 

On contrary, Leena Jumani was dubious going intimate in the scenes. She didn’t seem quite comfortable. However, we appreciate the whole Ullu Team coming up with hard-hitting ideas. And convinced actresses to perform such explicit scenes.

This way, they make simple stories watchable and fans start craving for more and more and more. Paro Part 3 will stream soon on the Ullu Originals OTT platform.



Prerna Singh was much better than Leena Jumani with her intimate scenes.


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