You are currently viewing Marvel’s Superhero Kraven The Hunter Is Getting Solo Live-Action Movie

Marvel’s Superhero Kraven The Hunter Is Getting Solo Live-Action Movie

Marvel’s Superhero Kraven The Hunter Is Getting Live-Action Movie

Marvel characters are now running the most successful movie franchise, and Sony plans to benefit from it forever. This is the reason that they announced another Marvel character live-action movie. It is Kraven The Hunter who is a Spiderman villain in many comic book stories.

Just after the release of Venom, Spider-man, Morbius, and Silk, another anti-hero is getting their cinema who is one of the founding members of Sinister Six. Sony has announced the solo film on Kraven The Hunter and they already cast Aaron Taylor-Johnson for the role.

Surprisingly, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has already appeared as quicksilver in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. This way, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is joining the unique club of actors who have played two superheroes in movies.

The list includes actors like Chris Evans (Human Torch and Captain America), Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern and Deadpool), Michael B. Jordan (Human Torch and Killmonger), Ben Affleck (Daredevil and Batman), and many others.

Kraven The Hunter Story In Comic Books

Since Sony is planning to introduce the character, they are bound to stick to the source material. And Kraven The Hunter in the comic books is Sergei Kravinoff who migrate from Russia to America with his family after the Russian revolution in 1917.

Kraven The Hunter was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1964. He is sort of maniac big game hunter and plays the villain in many Spider-man and Black Panther storylines. In comic books, Kraven’s ultimate aim is to prove he is superior to Spider-Man.

He is also the founding member of Sinister Six. Even though Kraven is painted as a supervillain in comic books, he became an ally of Spiderman too, and that’s why he is more like an anti-hero and not the cold-blooded villain.

There was much speculation regarding the cast of Kraven’s solo movie. Sony was earlier in talks with Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, and Adam Driver for the role of Karven for a long time but the role finally landed to Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Sources revealed, J.C. Chandor will be directing Kraven The Hunter along with Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach who will be producing it. They have also hired Art Marcum & Matt Holloway alongside Richard Wenk for the screenplay of the same.

Kraven The Hunter is aiming to be released on 13th January 2023, almost a year after the release of Morbius, which is another Marvel character of Sony Pictures Universe.

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