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Ullu Originals: Palang Tod Is Getting Popularity Even With Repetitive Content

I remembered when the ULLU platform launched with a few fresh web series showing erotica in plain sight. While it has all the chances to come up with sensual, seductive, erotic stories it falls flat with its repetitive content. First, it was charamsukh and Ullu continues to make hundreds of Charamsukh episodes.

For instance, they even keep creating the sub packaging when they keep releasing one of the most loved Charamsukh episodes featuring Jinnie jazz. Now, for a change, they named Charamsukh to Palang Tod and keep doing the same things over and over.

Sadly, Palang Tod is also getting popularity among the viewers even with the repetitive content. Here, take a look at what ULLU originals have to offer you with Palang Tod. We keep updating the list with new entries.

1. Mom And Daughter

Palang Tod Mom And Daughter Cast – Shikha Batra (Saroj), Sachin Kumar (Mohit), Shivangi Roy (Trisha)

As the name suggests, you get to see a couple of steamy scenes where the protagonist hooks up with the daughter and her mother separately. In the end, you get to see the threesome between mother and daughter, and the protagonist. That’s the content of Palang Tod’s first episode.


2. Double Dhamaka

Palang Tod Double Dhamaka Cast – Rajsi Verma (Chachi), Rukmani Khandagale (Chachi Sister), Sagar Bhatt (Bhatija)

Again as the name suggests, you get to see steamy scenes where the protagonist hooks up with his chichi and his chachi’s sister separately. In the end, you get to see the threesome between both the sisters and the protagonist. Did you find anything different but the cast?


3. Palang Tod: Caretaker

Palang Tod Caretaker Cast – Tarakesh Chauhan (Patient), Simran Khan (Nurse), Rekha Mona Sarkar (Wife), Lalit Dixit (Husband)

An old man needs a caretaker while his only son hired a seductive nurse for the work. The old man imagines having steamy moments with the nurse, while his son creates the moment. In the end, the girl sleeps with both boy and his father.


4. Bekaaboo Dil

Palang Tod Bekaaboo Dil Cast – Nishikant Diwedi (Father), Muskan Agrawal (Shreya), Sharad Gore (Uncle)

A man came for a sleepover with his friend and fall for his friend’s daughter. He fantasizes about her and in the end, he ends up creating steamy scenes with his friend’s daughter. To be honest, this was the whole story and people loved it too.


5. Gaon Ki Garmi

Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi Cast – Mahi Kaur (Mami), Anupam Gahoyi (mama), Shivam Tiwari (Bhanja)

The protagonist visits his uncle’s home in the village and starts fantasizing about his aunt. When his uncle met an accident and prescribed bed rest, he got the opportunity to satisfy his aunty in the best way possible. This is what Palang Tod brought you.


6. Palang Tod: Shor

Shor Cast – Ankit Raj, Rekha Mona Sarkar, Saurabh Agrawal, Soni Jha

ULLU actually never went ahead of the infidelity. So be it Charamsukh, Paramsukh, or Palang Tod, they will end up showing the infidelity angle in the episode. Thus, nothing new, this time a neighbor is seeking for steamy intimacy, and a housewife will end up having an affair.


7. Aadha Adhura Pyaar

Aadha Adhura Pyaar Cast – Mishti Basu (Nandani), Saurabh Agrawal (Kishore), Shivam Tiwari (Karan), Mohit Kumar (Gaurav)

An unsatisfied wife tries with her brother in low to get some raunchy thrilling experience. When a brother in law failed to satisfy, he comes up with an idea to do a threesome by inviting his friend. And the reason behind this is a woman must get a good orgasm.


8. Sali Aadhi Gharwali

Sali Aadhi Gharwali Cast – Hiral Radadiya (Shalini And Kamini), Amandeep Singh (Jimmy), Shubham Gaur (Prem), Aakash Sood (Neeraj)

Hiral Radadiya played the double role and it worked as an key character in the story. As the titled suggests, the episode is all about infidelity in the relationship as husband cheats his wife with his sister-in-law who looks like her wife in the first place.


Conclusion – I am curious if you have a favorite episode from these self-proclaimed Palang Tod episodes. Do comment if you have any suggestions regarding this article or Palang Tod or any other things.

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