You are currently viewing Kooku App: Chicken Curry Web Series Is Half-Cooked But Spicy And Tasty

Kooku App: Chicken Curry Web Series Is Half-Cooked But Spicy And Tasty

Kooku App: Chicken Curry Web Series Is Half-Cooked But Spicy And Tasty

Kooku App is a constant sensation among fans and they have been rock-n-roll with the content they release almost every week. Sometimes, it is eye-pleasing and tasty while sometimes it is awkward and skippable. Ankita Dave’s Chicken Curry in every way is a good recipe for skinemax fans as even it is half cooked, it is tasty and spicy. Credit goes to Ankita Dave, Athar Siddiqui, and Neelam Bhanushali.

Counting on what makes the Chicken Curry web series so interesting is the first night scene filmed with Ankita Dave and Athar Siddiqui. Surprisingly, they made the scene steamy without locking lips. Like really, they were just dry humping and touching each other and not even kissing.

The show follows a blind lady Ankita Dave and her forced arranged marriage to Athar Siddiqui. The marriage is a compromise and Athar makes sure Ankita Dave will suffer the consequences. What did he do? He starts touching and hugging and many other things classified as foreplay but never did anything except that. Well, that’s the story, and there’s no infidelity from the bride’s side.

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Chicken Curry Web Series Cast

Ankita Dave (Sheela),

Athar Siddiqui (Vaibhav),

Neelam Bhanushali (Reena),

Chicken Curry Web Series Story

The web series follows a simple arrange marriage of a couple who don’t want to be together. Ankita Dave is a blind girl and she faces the consequences of forced marriage as her husband enacts foreplay but leaves things midway without reaching climax. Considering the more show, the husband in the picture has affair with his office colleague and he always invites his girlfriend home as well.

Fans have already seen this story in the short film titled Blind Eye. However, it was quite different. While Ankita Dave looks appealing even when she didn’t contribute in lip service throughout the series. It is Neelam Bhanushali who completely outshines Ankita Dave in the intimate scenes she shared with Athar Siddiqui.

The Chicken Curry Web Series Part 1 ended as Ankita got suspicious about another girl in the home. The Chicken Curry Part 2 will be releasing on 30th May 2021. That’s why I wrote, Chicken Curry is tasty and spicy even when half cooked.

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