You are currently viewing MX Player: Indori Ishq Watch Online For An Intense Love Story

MX Player: Indori Ishq Watch Online For An Intense Love Story

MX Player: Indori Ishq Watch Online For An Intense Love Story

MX Player is coming up with hundreds of good stories that will speak the language of the masses and cover the entire regional market. And as the name suggests, Indori Ishq. What a promising trailer it looks like. We all have seen characters like the protagonist of Indori Ishq many times in Bollywood movies. It is a mixture of Raanjhanaa’s Kundan and SRK’s Devdas. What a deadly combination it is?

This is the web series that we call ‘Paisa Wasool’ in the local language. It has a love story, rage, passion, anger, and other things that make it different from typical love stories in Bollywood movies. Ritvik Sahore is making a name for himself with such a portrayal.

Even the trailer starts with the point of how different the Indori Ishq web series gonna be from the rest of the love stories. They say, “Har love story me Ek hero hota hai aur Ek heroine. Lekin iss love stories me heroine to hai, like hero ki jagah Ek Chutiya hai.” To be honest, this intense love story will be filled with tons of one-liners that will become the catchphrase for lovers.

Table of Contents

Mx Player’s Indori Ishq Web Series Cast

Ritvik Sahore

Vedika Bhandari

Aashay Kulkarni

Dheer Hira

Donna Munshi

Tithi Raaj

Meera Joshi

Indori Ishq Web Series Release Date

The series is releasing on 10th June with all the episodes.

From the trailer, it looks like Ritvik Sahore is playing the aggressive version of Kundan from Raanjhanaa. The same childish love story with the addition of a full episode of the Nibba game. Later, the girl went to college and fall for another guy. And the story starts as he tries to kill, forget, and even move on but failed to do everything.

Do you know what Indore city is famous for? Indore is the land of lovers and Shayars. If we keep aside the violent part from the trailers, the title ‘Indori Ishq’ suits the web series. Also, this will a big chance for Ritvik Sahore to prove that he is credible to pull any role he would be given too.

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