You are currently viewing Netflix Reveals Full Cast For Upcoming YA Vampire Drama ‘First Kill’

Netflix Reveals Full Cast For Upcoming YA Vampire Drama ‘First Kill’

Netflix Reveals Full Cast For Upcoming YA Vampire Drama ‘First Kill’

Vampire stories are just like vampires; they never get old. And this is the reason we often see new vampire movies and web series on streaming platforms. Even though we have many vampire drama series to watch, Netflix announced its original vampire drama titled ‘First Kill’.

The massive cast for the Netflix Series First Kill has been revealed. The series had already found its leads in Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis and were getting together a massive cast to add on to the series.

Netflix’s recent announcement clears that the series is done with its casting for roles. The series is loaded and now has a very strong impeccable cast too.

Along with Imani Lewis and Sarah Catherine Hook, the series has actors like Aubin Wise, Elizabeth Mitchell, Gracie Dzienny, Jason Robert Moore, Will Swenson, Dominic Goodman, Phillip Mullings Jr., and Dylan McNamara for supporting roles. Jonas Dylan Allen and Roberto Mendez are also onboard the series to play prominent characters.

First Kill Web Series Story

The series focuses on Juliette, played by Sarah Catherine Hook, who is a vampire, and to establish herself in the powerful family of vampires, she needs to make her first kill. During her hunt, she sets her eyes on the new girl, Calliope (Lewis) that arrived in the town recently.

Calliope on the other hand is a monster hand and belongs to a family of renowned hunters. While they both realize they won’t be easy to kill, but don’t realize that it will be easier to fall for each other instead.

The series will show parallel stories of the vampires, The Fairmont’s, and monster hunters, The Burns’. The Fairmont’s includes Elizabeth Mitchell as Margot, Will Swenson as Sebastian, Gracie Dzienny as Elinor, and Dylan McNamara as Oliver.

On the other hand, The Burns include Aubin Wise as Talia, Jason Robert Moore as Jack, Dominic Goodman as Apollo, and Phillip Mullings as Theo.

The series is being written by Felicia D. Henderson and author Victoria Schwab. It is inspired and based on a short story written by Schwab herself. The show is produced by Emma Roberts, Henderson, and Schwab.

The shoot for the upcoming series is at the moment scheduled to start later this year and the ‘First Kill’ release date is yet to be announced from Netflix.

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