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Rekha Mona Sarkar Movies And Web Series Watch Online

Rekha Mona Sarkar Movies And Web Series Watch Online

Rekha Mona Sarkar came into the skinemax industry and just got a huge fan following. Many people believe this story, but Rekha Mona Sarkar’s movies and web series have a fair share of struggle to get her name as one of the most loved actresses from the industry.

To be honest, the actress has been active in the industry for the last couple of years and she featured in dozens of movies. Of course, her camera-friendly face made fans notice her. This is the reason, Kooku App and Ullu Originals keep making web series and short films with Rekha Mona Sarkar.

Here, we have included all the Rekha Mona Sarkar movies and web series till now. Check the list and do follow our website to become a regular reader.

Rekha Mona Sarkar Movies And Web Series

1. Chu Kat Gaya – Hotshots Original

Rekha Mona Sarkar has her intimate scenes with 4 youngsters in this explicit short film. Rekha played the character of escorts who con all the four people in this comical short film.

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2. Move On – Hotshots Original

Move On is a story of a girl having traumatic events after the breakup. Her best friends set her up with a new guy in the town. In the web series, she featured along with Sharanya Jit Kaur. We kinda miss Hotshots Originals as the channel shut down due to some unknown reasons.

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3. Miss Chhaya – Kiwi TV

An intense erotic thriller Miss Chhaya from Kiwi TV got good reviews from fans. In the series, Rekha Mona Sarkar left nothing for imagination. If people are still searching for Rekha Mona Sarkar’s best movies and web series, then Miss Chhaya is the one.

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4. Devil Girl – NueFliks (Fliz Movies)

Before Rekha made a name for herself playing bad cheating wife, she used to play Devil Girl in the Fliz movies. It was supposed to one of the first few films on OTT platforms.

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5. Mohini Bhabhi – The Cinema Dosti

One title circulates to many OTT channels and a single popular character portrayed by many actresses. Mohini Bhabhi is one such name and Rekha Mona Sarkar played the character for The Cinema Dosti.

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6. Shagun – Boom Movies

Boom Movies’ videos are underrated but sometimes they got pretty creative with the storylines. Shagun is one of their most loved Web series featuring Rekha Mona Sarkar in a key role.

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7. Mental – Feneo movies

Feneo Movies short titled Mental feature Rekha Mona Sarkar at her best alluring fans and seducing with her curvy body and bold expressions.

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8. Kaaya Ki Maaya – KindiBox

KindiBox is a popular OTT platform that happened to work with actresses with a reputation. They offered Rekha Mona Sarkar to be part of their special thriller short film titled Kaaya Ki Maaya.

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9. Teen Deviyaan – NueFliks (Fliz Movies)

NeuFliks stunning web series Teen Deviyaan also include Rekha Mona Sarkar in one of the key role. I would recommend you to watch the web series.

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This is not the end. Rekha Mona Sarkar has done many other movies and become part of Web Series from Ullu Originals and Kooku App as well.

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