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How To Make Money On YouTube Like TVF And BB Ki Vines

How To Make Money On YouTube Like TVF And BB Ki Vines

In a country like India, we are born creators. The sad reality is not everyone gets the things they want. But entertainment and Cricket are two major industries where almost everyone wants to be fit in. We’ll talk about Cricket some other times. Let’s focus on entertainment and more specifically ‘How To Make Money On YouTube’.

YouTube has revolutionized Indian society, for centuries we were considered the biggest market for the Entertainment industry. Only now we are also counted as the biggest producers of the entertainment industry. Major credit goes to YouTube as it helps us to upload our original, sometimes duplicate, content and earn money.

Instead of just giving you points on what to do and how to do it, I am giving you a case study of how successful YouTubers have done it and how you need to do something different to see yourself as a successful YouTuber.

How To Make More Money On YouTube Like TVF

We have all watched TVF videos and loved them too. They have created some of the best content in the last couple of years. But the journey was not easy for them too. TVF started with a group of 8 people who write, direct, edit, and market their content themselves.

It was good content that worked. They got views but YouTube earning is not the only way they earn money. The major portion of their earning comes from sponsors’ ads and selling their web original content to OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The Viral Media Labs becomes the richest production house that started with YouTube. I am pretty sure that they have also searched ‘How To Make Money On YouTube’ before started making money on YouTube.

Also, you need a big hit and sensation on the show. In the case of TVF, it was the Shah Rukh Khan Vs Arnab episode that brings them into the game.

How To Get Paid On YouTube Like BB Ki Vines

In one of his latest interviews, he mentioned that his net worth is somewhat crores now. You wonder how a local Delhi guy became so successful on YouTube. Again, it’s the content and confidence of Bhuvan Bam which made him the so-called Shah Rukh Khan of YouTube.

He started making comedy videos and got a huge fan following. Sadly, he wasn’t getting much from the YouTube AdSense as his traffic is mostly from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. With luck, many YouTubers were establishing those days and Bhuvan Bam was offered collaboration and of course, money to perform in videos and stage shows.

Thus, he was also on YouTube and earning money. But he found other ways too to earn a huge chunk of cash daily.

Also, his copyright feud in a video made him viral even more and he became a prominent YouTuber.


One of my friends is making animation videos on YouTube. He has many channels but he got 1 million subscribers in one of them. Still, he jobs 9-5 because YouTube Adsense is not paying enough. Now you know the truth about it. Get yourself a good plan before you sign up for YouTube partner’s program.

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More importantly, we are going to start our own production house and require actors, actresses, writers, directors, and people with film knowledge. If these things fascinate you… I am urging you to join us as a team or collaborate with us.

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