You are currently viewing Kooku App: Chicken Curry Part 2 Watch Online For Neelam Bhanushali

Kooku App: Chicken Curry Part 2 Watch Online For Neelam Bhanushali

Kooku App has released the Chicken Curry Part 2 and it has pretty amazing things to talk about. Without creating any doubt in your head, all the episodes in Chicken Curry Part 2 are about the raunchy romance between Athar Siddiqui and Neelam Bhanushali.

Neelam Bhanushali was the least known actress but she came out as the show highlight. Neelam has completely outshone Ankita Dave who is supposed to play the main character in the web series. For instance, she has had a couple of scenes in the Chicken Curry part 1 and those were well executed as well. Unfortunately, part 2 of Chicken Curry has no scenes of Ankita Dave going intimate.

The choppy editing using the music beats is the first time tried with the raunchy intimate scenes and it just made the scenes much more impactful. Everything in the show is sort of great and it will be a perfect watch for people who love Cinemax content.

Chicken Curry Part 2 Cast

Ankita Dave (Blind Wife)

Athar Siddiqui (Husband)

Neelam Bhanushali (Fling)

Chicken Curry Part 2 Story

The web series plot starts right from the point where it ends in the first part of Chicken Curry. Neelam and Ankita hook their hands with a piece of cloths and jewelry they wore. Athar saved the day somehow and they went into the room to be intimate with each other.

Athar makes complete fun of Ankita Dave as he spent time with his mistress in the office as well as at home in front of his blind wife. In the end, she sensed the woman with her husband and use poison in the Chicken Curry she cooked.

The story has been told via Cinemax’s short film titled Blind Eye. The story is just the lengthier version of the short film with too many scenes. On top of that, Neelam Bhanushali is the one who is doing all the scenes in the second part.

Go and watch it but don’t expect to be in any better than the Chicken Curry Part 1. Also, wait for the next web series or short film from Kooku App.

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