You are currently viewing Rekha Mona Sarkar Movies And Web Series With Kooku And Ullu

Rekha Mona Sarkar Movies And Web Series With Kooku And Ullu

Rekha Mona Sarkar Movies And Web Series With Kooku And Ullu

Kooku App and Ullu Originals have shown the deepest faith in Rekha Mona Sarkar. This is the reason that Rekha Mona Sarkar is featured in many movies and web series from Kooku App as well as Ullu Originals.

Below is the list of Movies and Web series from Kooku App and Ullu Originals featuring Rekha Mona Sarkar.

1. Jassi King The Fakr– Kooku

Jassi King The Fakr a STAR Rapper is on the verge of losing his popularity. Every event after another​ leads to some complications in Jassi’s life, which he has to overcome to become the music sensation he once used to be. But is he able to? With Every scenes, Rekha Mona Sarkar gave her best performance.


2. Golden Hole – Kooku

A Woman deprived of Love from her husband lands in a Golden Hole. She has various experiences here. Initially, she gets access to both money and pleasure, but very soon she faces a series of problems.


3. You Me And My Padosan – Kooku

Varun has a new Padosan and guess what… His girlfriend is a PG with the Padosan. What does Casanova Varun smartly do with both of them and still manages to have his way?


4. Suno Devarji – Kooku

Jethalal is a very hardworking businessman, which gets him married to Alka. Alka who has a lot of expectations from this marriage, her desire for romance remains unfulfilled until Jethalal’s younger brother Pannalal comes into the picture.


5. Suno Sahebji – Kooku

Story of Kunal goes to his village to take care of his Dadaji and meet Aaya, the caretaker of Dadaji. But Kunal is surprised to find the extreme closeness that Aaya and Dadaji share, and realized, that Aaya has many things to offer. Kunal gets what he wants from her, but it is going to be a very interesting turn of events in the End. Watch the exciting, sensuous, and Drama


6. Suno Bhabhiji – Kooku

This story is about how the innocent-looking Alka and Somya manipulate Jethalal, Pannalal & Chamanlal for their advantage and how they get all the property rights of the family. Let See the mindset behind this master plan.


7. Suno Jethalal – Kooku

An Unfulfilling love story of a married woman who tries to have a satisfactory intimate session with her husband throughout the series.


8. Palang Tod Caretaker

The game of desire exposes many secrets when a sensuous physiotherapist is hired to heal the prolonged pain of an elderly man by his son. Aghast a peek into the married son’s sensual act with this ‘caretaker’ stirs up the father’s desires. What would be the journey of this obsession?


9. Palang Tod Shor

Bored of a not-so-exciting husband, the wife was love lost until a sizzling hot married neighbor made her heart skip a beat. The hindrance of their partners was soon resolved and their stars aligned for a steamy loud encounter.


10. Palang Tod Naye Padosi

Rahul wakes up with a jolt when he hears ghostly sounds from a locked neighborhood, but it’s just the new couple moved in having a loud romantic session. Rahul’s maid is the common thread between the two who is about to unknowingly tie a knot of secret fantasies between Rahul and the tempting wife next door.


11. Two Hot Milf

Not many people know about this but Rekha Mona Sarkar and Arita Paul worked together in the mini series titled ‘Two hot milf’. The series is considered one of the best from both the actresses.


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