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RGV’s Dangerous Watch Online On Spark OTT

RGV has a pile of announced movies ready for release, and fans are too excited about it. Recently, RGV’s Dangerous is all set to release on Spark OTT and the first time we see Ram Gopal Varma is making efforts to promote the movie.

From the moment, Dangerous movie was announced, RGV and other important cast keep promoting it. They have already launched the RGV’s Dangerous trailer and a duet son filmed first time on two women making love promises to each other.

According to RGV, the movie is to support the Indian government and its jurisdiction to liberalize section 377. However, the LGBTQ community protesting the movie with the statement that RGV is trying to paint a completely different picture with his wild romantic movie titled ‘Dangerous’.

The movie is all set to release on the Spark OTT platform which is partially owned by Ram Gopal Varma himself and focused on the Tamil and Telugu Cinema library.

RGV’s Dangerous Cast

Apsara Rani

Naina Ganguly

Rajpal Yadav

RGV’s Dangerous Story

From the teaser trailer, the movie looks like a romantic thriller focusing on the same gender relationship. It is clear that Apsara Rani is somewhat playing the housewife asking for domestic help and Naina Ganguly is the princess in shining armor who rescues the princess.

Then the whole movie is about the couple going intimate with each other. Also, singing a couple of duet songs making people wanting for more. And also flew with the bag full of cash so that goons and local villains hunt them throughout the film.

RGV has given many cult films but there are tons of other reasons to not trust his vision every time. The shooting and close-ups are extreme and explicit too. If that’s not the case, then other aspects such as editing and other departments are too dull to talk about.

Anyway, RGV’s Dangerous release date is not announced yet, but the movie will stream directly on the Spark OTT platform.

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