You are currently viewing Ullu Originals: Chhupee Rustom Watch Online For Aayesha Salim

Ullu Originals: Chhupee Rustom Watch Online For Aayesha Salim

Ullu Originals: Chhupee Rustom Watch Online For Aayesha Salim

Ullu Originals keep surprising fans with their web series and short films. Chhupee Rustom is one of the short films they abruptly released on their streaming platform today. Apart from being exotic erotica, Chupee Rustom is a comical ride as well.

The major attraction of the Ullu Originals Chhupee Rustom is certainly Aayesha Salim in her never-seen-before avatar. While the bridal look doesn’t suit her well. She looked ravishing and appealing in one of the dream sequence scenes where she allures a guy with her school uniform dress.

The editing of the Chhupee Rustom is not great as we expect from Ullu Originals. But with Simran Khan’s erotic humor and Aayesha Salim’s screen presence, the show has uplifted the bar and certainly doesn’t count as one of the worst shows from Ullu Originals.

Table of Contents

Ullu Chhupee Rustom Cast

Aayesha Salim as Bride

Simran Khan as Bhabhi

Pravin Gundecha as Groom

Ajay Rai as Groom’s Brother

Allauddin Shaikh as Friend

Chhupee Rustom Story

The story follows a boy who has been set up for marriage by her Bhabhi. He is very nervous about his first night and also about the bride as he never met her in person. He went to ask Bhabhi about his bride-to-be and she said Bride is sweet and sincere.

It follows the first-night sequence and Aayesha Salim looks adorable in her wedding gown. The next morning, he got a call from his friend about the work and he unwillingly said yes. The moment he started packing his stuff, he found a pink suitcase which he supposedly belongs to his bride.

Out of curiosity, he opened the case and found magazines, handcuffs, undergarments for role play, and Playboy bunny caps. Did I miss saying Dildo was there too? Anyways, he thought that his bride is a Chhupi Rustom and he decided to go back to his old job.

He didn’t talk to his wife and didn’t even say goodbye. Later, we know that the case and stuff belong to his Bhabhi and his wife is seriously a simple girl. Also, I have to mention that special scene where Aayesha Salim was seen in a short school dress.


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