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Upcoming Web Series In 2021 Destroyed By RRR

Disclaimer – This article has nothing to do with SS. Rajamouli’s upcoming film RRR. We are talking about how the upcoming web series in 2021 destroyed by restriction, redundancy, and remake.

We need to worry because the art is getting impure even on the OTT platform. What makes an art impure? The restriction, redundancy, and remake. There are many upcoming web series 2021 that are filled with restriction, content with redundancy, and cliché remakes.

We all know how remake have almost killed the art and every story we see these days are just spicy version of what we have already seen before. This is one of the big reasons Bollywood movies lost their spirit as every big actor was doing nothing but the remake of already successful films.

Creators these days are not at all risk their money on something new and in upcoming years, we will be watching nothing but already successful shows in the same way. Here’s what we mentioned in detail about how 3R is not helping Cinema in any way.

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Web Series Controversies with Restriction

Since censor board is coming forward and restricting the number of shows so that it won’t hurt the sentiments of people living in the society. Every new show falls under controversies because people are hell touchy these days.

Below is the list of Indian Web Series that created controversies before and after release.

The Family Man 2 Controversy – The web series is one of the much-talked sensations these days. And it is grabbing eyeballs for all different reasons. People from Tamilnadu want to ban the series.

Sacred Games Controversy – Having strong dialogues and explicit scenes, the web series Sacred Games falls under controversies, and writers were even threatened. The second season didn’t get good reviews and they ultimately canceled the show.

Leila Controversy – The show focuses on futuristic India where religious things are getting height. Since Hinduism has been shown in a bad light even for storytelling purposes, the show falls under big controversy.

Pataal Lok – Again the dialogues and graphic scenes made the show bad for the audience and there was a constant protest to ban the show forever on the Amazon Prime Video.

Tandav – The political drama passed commentary on Farmer’s protest, and how India is focusing on religion. It leads to one of the big controversies regarding web series and Censor Board was created for the OTT platforms as well.

A Suitable Boy – Mira Nair’s BBC drama ‘A Suitable Boy’ became a big controversy in India when a couple was filmed kissing in a temple. And the boy was Muslim, for the recond.

Restriction kills the art and OTT platforms are getting too many restrictions for their content. It won’t do any good to web series.

Redundancy in Web Series

Redundancy is another thing that is destroying all the content we have seen or will see in upcoming web series. Trust me, most of the Web Series seems similar just to Bollywood movies. All the action movies have the same pattern, all the romantic movies have the same pattern, and all the thriller works for the Indian audience in the same pattern.

Mirzapur and Mirzapur 2

Mirzapur is a big example as it is one of the most loved web series. We see the Pandit family’s collapse in the climax of season 1. And we see the Tripathi family collapse at the end of season 2. The story comes full circle. While this might be a case, but I wanna say to Mirzapur writers, “Aapse Better Ummeed Kiye The.”

Broken But Beautiful Series

Don’t know why but most of the web series from MX Player and ALT Balaji seems pretty much the same. The classic example is the ‘Broken But Beautiful series’ and you might have the picture quite clear in your brain.

Gandii Baat Series

The same goes for Gandii Baat series as they fail to come up with something new and exciting. We all are watching nothing but the repeated version of the same shows or just the old drafts written for the show that wasn’t selected for the first time.

Upcoming Web Series That Are Remake

And lastly, the remake is the thing that eats the OTT industry completely. Many Indian web series are announced that are nothing but the remake of Hollywood’s most popular web series. To everyone’s surprise, there are already many web series that remake.

Criminal Justice Remake – The crime drama Criminal Justice is nothing but the original version of the British drama series Criminal Justice. Fans loved the performance of Pankaj Tripathi and Vikrant Messy.

Doctor Foster Remake – The drama series Doctor Foster has been remade in India titled ‘Out Of Love’ featuring Purab Kohli and Rasika Dugal in the lead role. The show has successfully released its second season as well.

Red Remake – Another popular show is getting a remake with an Indian actor. Ajay Devgn’s Rudra is the remake or we can say Indian incarnation of Red. Sadly, creators keep remaking already successful series instead of trying some new ideas.

HBO reboots Gossip Girls – At last, HBO just announced the Gossip Girls reboot with a different cast. It is unbelievable that HBO’s master plan is to get success based on old shows. They have shot the FRIENDS reunion episode, and now Gossip Girls Reboot.

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