You are currently viewing Ullu Originals: Feelings Short Film Watch Online To Know Cyber Crimes

Ullu Originals: Feelings Short Film Watch Online To Know Cyber Crimes

The short film’s feelings are thought-provoking in many ways. It is another short film streamed on Ullu Originals along with Gaajar and Trapped. In many ways, Feelings is much more precise and authentic in terms of storytelling and presentation.

This 17-minute short film focuses on the girl who falls in love with a handsome boy and with their intimacy to love and other things in between, everything seems fine. One day, she saw her viral clip from one of her intimate moments on the internet.

Palak became suspicious about her boyfriend and started searching for clues. She found her boyfriend is the one who is making these clips and uploading them on the internet. She planned for the revenge and the next day she went to see him again but with full preparation to torture and kill him in the process.

Ullu Feelings Cast

Simi Chanda as Palak

Shomit Raj as Aunit

Rohit Singh as Rohan

Ullu Feelings Story

The short film Feelings can be described as a revenge story of a girl on her boyfriend. The boyfriend in this short flick is not caring at all. It doesn’t mean he cheat on her or anything. He uploads her intimate moments on the internet.

When the girl knows about the shocking revelation about her romantic life, she decided to revenge her boyfriend for what he did. Feelings short film from Ullu shows you how you can come up with interesting story ideas.

Many websites allow content creators to come up with exciting story ideas for their OTT platforms as well as YouTube channels. Now Ullu Originals also starts taking submissions from independent creators which is a good thing.

However, we can clearly see the quality of the web series and short films Ullu keeps providing has been compromised. In the nutshell, Feeling is a wonderful film that has a bone-chilling message about the rising cybercrimes cases. The Feelings short film is available on Ullu Originals.

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