You are currently viewing Ullu Originals: Trapped Shor Film Watch Online For A Twisted Tale

Ullu Originals: Trapped Shor Film Watch Online For A Twisted Tale

Ullu Originals are finally expanding its horizon as it started accepting short film submissions from creators across the globe. Ullu Originals has just released 3 short films titled ‘Trapped’, ‘Feelings’, and ‘Gaazar’ all featuring twisted love stories.

Trapped is a Bangla short story featuring an alluring romantic session between Srabani and Samarpita. Both the actresses are part of the award-winning short films and gave their best in this short film titled trapped as well.

The movie is shot in the Bangla language and gives you eerie look. It is quite obvious as the movie was shot on a low budget using minimum props. The movie intends to bring change in society with interesting concepts and not to fill the void with alluring steamy moments.

Ullu Trapped Cast




Ullu Trapped Story

The short film Trapped revolves around two women who find an emotional bonding with each other that is beyond love and intimacy. The story keeps a sharp turn when one of the women was blackmailed by someone for going intimate with a woman.

Trapped short film from Ullu shows you how you can come up with interesting story ideas. Also, tons of platforms are happy to show your original content on their websites if it matches the criteria they often release on their website.

A few days ago, Ram Gopal Varma has also announced the short film content on his YouTube channel and offer content creators to come up with good web series and movies for the Spark OTT platform. This way, we can expect tons and tons of quality content from Ullu Original.

However, we can clearly see the quality of the web series and short films Ullu keeps providing has been compromised. In the nutshell, Trapped is a wonderful film on the same-gender relationship and one should watch it.

The trapped short film is available on Ullu Originals.

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