You are currently viewing Shotflix: Broken Trust Is Copied Version of Hollywood’s Adulterers

Shotflix: Broken Trust Is Copied Version of Hollywood’s Adulterers

There were moments when I was very excited about the growing Cinemax industry in India. We have seen many steamy web series from various platforms such as Ullu Originals, Kooku App, Nuefliks, Hotshots Originals, and many others. Shotflix launched its platform but blatantly copied the content from Hollywood movies. Broken Trust is copied from Adulterers.

The worst part is not the copying content here. They haven’t made it look good as well. Even my trust in the success of the Indian skinemax industry broke away when I saw copied content on the Indian platform.

I just wanna make a point that we have tons of original story and we shouldn’t copy from already available movies. It will not do any good and fans don’t love to see the same stories every time. It is probably the worst thing I came to see in this whole week.

Broken Trust Cast

Alina Mushkan Gupta

Soumya Yadav


Broken Trust Review

It is scene by scene copied from the Hollywood smash hit movie Adulterer. In the movie, a happy couple starts their regular day as the caring husband gets ready for work and makes breakfast for his wife as well.

Later, the husband remembers not picking his phone and returned home. Here, he found the surprise that his wife has been cheating on him for a month or so. He took the gun and decided to shoot but end up confronting the cheater duo.

It leads to series of questions and awful answers, dares, and lots of cuss words. The concept is too nice and the execution is very bad. By any chance, if Primeshots creators are reading this, you must not copy content from popular Hollywood movies and work on the content yourself.

The Broken Trust short film is available on Shotflix to watch online.

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