You are currently viewing Shotflix: Naughty Rasgulooh Watch Online To See Girls Bonding

Shotflix: Naughty Rasgulooh Watch Online To See Girls Bonding

We have all different types of female bonding shows and we always loved them. This is the reason that Shotflix has come up with 3 sensational web series and one of them features the story of 3 girls sharing the same apartment. Naughty Rasgulooh is pretty entertaining and a good recommendation.

The web series starts with the introduction of 3 main characters and their struggle while they find consoles in each other. We got to see their interaction, the way they are different from each other, and what are their ambitions and hobbies while they live in the same apartment.

In the very quick introduction, we see Apoorva is sort of leading the trio and narrating the story in her way. Probably the reason for her being a geek in the story. The next one is the dancing queen Naina Singh who wants to be a model in the town. And lastly, spoiled brat Ananya Kashyap has two interests and hobbies in the world, boys and shopping.

Naughty Rasgulooh Cast

Apoorva Gaur

Naina Singh

Anaya Kashyap

Naughty Rasgulooh Review

I especially sort of love the interaction they managed to give in the context of these PG girls. It’s funny, it’s bold, and it’s beautiful. Naughty Rasgulooh is in many ways a perfect web series to watch especially when you are not with your friends.

It got me thinking what makers were trying to come up with, as the series has no intimacy at all. On top of this, there’s a horror twist as the bored party girls played the game of ‘welcoming ghosts’. This way, you can expect it to be more precise and thorough the context but it came out as bogus and vague.

The reason it is vague because it failed to fulfill the reason one should be watching such a series. We sure hell do not watch such series for dramatic stories or ghostly twists at all. Do we?

The Naughty Rasgulooh web series is available on Shotflix to watch online.

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